10 Life Lessons Only Taught at College Parties

Oh, college. You taught me so much about life, love, and - most importantly - how to throw down. My mom is incredibly proud (no, really) of all the knowledge and maturity I gained from my four years drinking at house parties and Greek life events. Sure, I also managed to obtain a degree and a career, but these 10 life lessons are what I really gained from college.

1 of 10 Lesson #1

As all college party vets know, people flat out suck when they’re drinking. The combination of alcohol, confined spaces, and hormones can only lead to confrontations from girls who don’t know each other, romantic tiffs between couples who aren’t going to last anyway, and testosterone-fueled frat guys boasting their manly prowess. It will be dramatic, and you will be both irritated and entertained.

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