Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Obtaining a bachelor's degree in computer science is often a student's first step into the world of computers and technology as a career. However, while the method of obtaining a computer science degree is somewhat straightforward, there are a number of paths to choose from. All of these paths lead to different logical specializations, and as a result, different career options in this diverse field of study.


The bachelor's degree in computer science is similar to any other four year bachelor's degree, in that it takes approximately four years to complete. For those students who take additional coursework and summer work, this can be shortened. However, additional specializations and certifications usually require additional study.

On top of that, there are a number of specialized variants of the bachelor's degree in computer science that might require additional coursework. These are:

  • Bachelor's of Applied Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor's of Mathematics in Computer Science
  • Bachelor's of Computer Security in Computer Science
  • Bachelor's of Engineering in Computer Science

Since these degrees come from different departments, coursework requirements often vary slightly.


As with most four year degrees, the basic core competencies for general study must be completed. These include study in science, literature, and the humanities. After this is complete, most bachelor's of computer science degrees require 60 credit hours or more of study in computing and mathematics related fields. Certain degree paths might require more mathematics coursework than others or could require a specific emphasis within the computer science curriculum.


The employment outlook for computer science students is very good and appears positioned to continue along that path. Also, there are a wide variety of computer related occupations available to computer scientists. For example, someone with a bachelor's in computer science could find themselves developing applications for mobile platforms. Or, they could work in network database security, protecting sensitive information. Since so many businesses require computer support, computer science students almost have their choice of which employment field they wish to enter.