10 Most Iconic School Uniforms

From the classic rugby stripes that decorated Hogwarts, to the beloved sailor uniform Sailor Moon wore when she wasn’t fighting evil by moonlight, school uniforms have had a few seriously iconic moments in movie and TV history. Here are the 10 school uniforms that had us wanting to attend a fictional school.

1 of 10 Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, "Harry Potter" Series

Most of us have spent our whole childhoods waiting on an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. But let’s be honest – it wasn’t the spells or magical beasts that made us want to be a part of Harry Potter’s world; it was the cool school uniforms.

Although Hogwarts students wore robes and pointy hats throughout the entire Harry Potter book series, the film's wardrobe department decided to switch it up a bit from film to film. In the first couple of Harry Potter movies, Harry and his fellow Gryffindors sport scarlet and gold scarves with black robes. They switch to sweaters, white button-downs, and rugby stripe ties later on, but the Gryffindor colors are always incorporated. 

(Image via books_forever1012)

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