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5 Jobs that Require a Juris Doctor Degree

Many aspiring legal professionals are surprised to learn of the wide range of job choices that they will have after receiving their juris doctor degree. This article will outline five different professions that a person who successfully finishes law school can practice.

  1. Defense Attorney
    Most aspiring legal professionals seek to become well-paid defense attorneys. This is the most common job that legal professionals get after finishing up their JD degrees. Defense attorneys can practice either in an existing law firm, or can start their own. Some defense attorneys can make salaries in excess of $1 million a year.
  2. Prosecutor
    A prosecutor takes the side of the state in a lawsuit and helps to prosecute those who are guilty of an offense. While private attorneys can make good money, prosecutors can lead to very prosperous careers as well.
  3. Judge
    A judge must weigh the arguments of both the prosecutor and the defense attorney in order to come up with a judgment. Judges are often appointed or elected based on their former service as either a defense attorney or a prosecutor.
  4. Notary
    A notary serves as an intermediary between two parties that are looking to enter into an important contract. A notary verifies the acceptance of both parties and holds them accountable if they failed to deliver on their promises. In today's business world, which is largely based in legal contracts, notaries are increasingly becoming critical for doing business successfully.
  5. Chief Executive Officer
    While certainly not required, more than 65% of CEOs today in Fortune 500 companies have law degrees. The skills learned while earning a juris doctor degree can help aspiring executives improve their ability to lead others and get their job done. The same goes for many mid- and lower-level positions at large companies, which might see a trained and licensed legal professional as having a significant edge over other candidates.