25 Fashion Trends Your Mom Rocked at School (But You Can't)

Going to school is such a hassle nowadays for a number of reasons, but mostly because of the restriction on what girls can and cannot wear. Some of the rules are absolutely ridiculous, especially if you’re taller. Anyone else remember the rule that your skirt or shorts have to be longer than your finger tips? Talk about restrictive. We may as well wear pants to gym. It’s no surprise we see news stories all the time about girls breaking the rules by wearing what most people would consider normal.

Well, you’ve probably heard your parents talk about the “good old days” when gas was cheap and candy bars cost a nickel. They also had some awesome benefits that we don’t have today: they could wear what they wanted. Within reason of course, but the restrictions weren’t nearly as  bad as  they are today.

Back in the day, your parents could wear what they wanted to without being embarrassed or humiliated in front of your entire class (or school depending on how bad the rule was). These are 19 items you probably can’t wear, but your mom could rock whenever she walked through the school hallways. Hopefully, the good times will return.  

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