Specialized Careers Within Psychology

A psychology degree is a broad area of study. Once completed, students will use their psychology degrees in a variety of specialized areas of employment. Each area requires a specific set of skills and background knowledge, and each comes with its own benefits.

Abnormal Psychology
As the name suggests, this is the study of abnormal behaviors and psychological functions. It focuses heavily on research and treatment for a plethora of issues that have wide-ranging effects on the human brain and related functions. It is linked closely with clinical psychology.

Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology is related to abnormal psychology, though these psychologists actually diagnose, understand, and try to prevent problematic behaviors and disorders. This is the largest field within the psychology realm and includes counselors.

Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive psychology focuses on the activities within the human brain, as well as the non-physical aspects of human personality such as memory, learning, emotion, reasoning, and thinking. It is the most interdisciplinary of the psychological fields.

Developmental Psychology
Developmental psychology focuses on human development and growth, from birth to death. They particularly examine when these changes occur and at what stage to determine what is typical and abnormal. Much of this study focuses on children and infants.

For a job in any of these fields, a master's degree or higher is typically required. While a bachelor's degree will set students up for further advanced study within these fields, they may also obtain assistant positions in these areas with a bachelor's degree alone.