Online English Lessons for Kids

10 Best Websites for Online English Lessons for Kids

Learning English can be pretty difficult for any child, but there are dozens of websites created to help them on this journey. We’ve found 10 of the best sites that can help your child learn English while having fun at the same time!


ABC Ya is a fantastic website to help children learn a variety of subjects, but many games specifically focus on learning English. One such game is “Parts of Speech Asteroids,” where your child shoots the proper word asteroid that corresponds with the part of speech under the ship. There are also various word puzzles to help with vocabulary. ABC Ya is a free website, so your children can play as much as they want.

BBC Learning

While there are a few differences between American English and British English, BBC Learning is too perfect to pass up. This free site has videos to help children learn skills such as the third conditional, question forms, and auxiliary verbs. These videos then follow up with quizzes to help seal in knowledge and ensure a better grasp on English. While this website is designed for older children, BBC also has an alternative for younger ages called Bitesize Literacy.

Bitesize Literacy

Bitesize Literacy is also hosted by BBC and is made specifically for young children who are just beginning to learn about English. Phonics, pronouns, punctuation, and making sentences are only a few of the subjects that this site has available. It teaches English using fun point-and-click games where children have to complete tasks to get to a final goal. Bitesize Literacy is also absolutely free to use.

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press is one of the most prestigious publishing companies in the world and is also the company that produced the Oxford English Dictionary. This website offers courses for young learners, teenagers, and adults. From there, you can focus on grammar and vocabulary, readers, exams and testing, and so much more. Your child is guaranteed to become better at English by completing courses on this valuable, resourceful website. As an added bonus, this site is also free to use.


Abracadabra is a free, easy-to-navigate website that is designed for younger children. The site focuses on lessons such as spelling a sentence and reading while including stories that children may already know.  All a player has to do is choose what they want to do, pick an activity, and then a story. The characters involved in the game have unique and thought-out back stories that assist children in learning about the world.

Brain Pop

Brain Pop is the first pay service we have on this list, but it’s easily one of the best websites here. Children in the 4th grade and up can use Brain Pop classic, and younger children have access to Brain Pop Jr. This comprehensive program allows children to learn about science, English, math, and health. The English section allows children to learn about authors and books, grammar, study and reading skills, writing, or just watch free movies; there are several units per subject. The price of Brain Pop classic is $115 per year or $10.95 per month with a minimum one-year commitment. Brain Pop Jr. offers its services for $99 for a year or $9.45 per month with a minimum one-year subscription.

Road to Grammar

Road to Grammar is perfect for any child who needs a little extra practice learning English. The website focuses on teaching children various subjects, such as adjectives, adverbs, animals, vocabulary, and much more. There are also fun games that entertain and help children learn how to spell. This website is absolutely free for anyone to use.

Study Ladder

Study Ladder is a valuable, free resource for any student that is struggling with English, whether it’s handwriting, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, or reading comprehension. The website is broken up into English units and then further divided into grades. Whether your child is in pre-school or making their way to the third grade, there’s something for everyone on this site.

Actively Learn

Actively Learn is a great free resource to complement what students are already learning in school. This site does require registration, but it's free, and your child will have access to thousands of free textbooks, short stories, and poems. Additionally, you’ll get over 2,500 assignments with questions that directly correlate with where your child struggles most.


YouTube is a perfect place for children to watch educational videos for free. There are plenty of channels that are dedicated to teaching children English in a fun way. Some of the more popular channels include English Singsing, Children English, English Kids TV, and Learn English. All of these users feature great videos that your kid can not only learn from, but also enjoy.

Last Updated: May 23, 2016