Students listen to a class lecture

10 College Courses You'll Never Believe Are Real

If you’re fed up with reading Dante or learning about the digestive system of a rat, maybe you should’ve picked a different college with more interesting classes, like one of these. It’s a sure-fire guarantee you’d never fall asleep in one of these crazy courses!

The Art of Walking, Center College

It’s an art, apparently. The students even take field trips to other countries to walk on different types of land!

Tree Climbing, Cornell University

This class, according to Cornell University’s website, “will teach you how to get up into the canopy of any tree.” That ivy league education really is paying off.

How to Win a Beauty Pageant, Oberlin College

The name of this course is a little misleading, as it examines “interplay of race, gender, class, sexuality, and nation,” instead of showing you how to walk and what color dress makes your eyes pop.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Chestnut Hill College

This should definitely be a class at every university because learning how to forgive will probably come in handy a lot more than knowing how to solve a logarithm.

Feel the Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way, Queen’s University Belfast

The UK recognizes “Jedi” as a religion with its own church, so this class is the obvious next step. You can learn about the actual psychological techniques that are illustrated in the Jedi Mind Trick.

The Science of Harry Potter, Frostburg State University

Will flying broomsticks be a possibility one day with the research we’re working on with antigravity? Find out by taking this class!

Elvish, University of Wisconsin

If Spanish or French are too mainstream for you, you can get your language credit by learning Elvish, the language from Lord of the Rings.

The Joy of Garbage, Santa Clara University

Contrary to the name, this class sounds pretty cool. Students examine garbage as though they are archaeologists discovering hidden treasure, and they use science to investigate how a society deals with garbage, which is a direct reflection of how it treats the environment.

A History of the Pig in America, Xavier University-Cincinnati

One word: Bacon. Just kidding. With this class, you’ll learn about the history, societal perceptions, and literary depictions of pigs in America. Much less exciting than bacon, but still interesting nonetheless.

 Textual Appeal of Tupac Shakur, University of Washington

“Textual Appeal” is a weird way to put it, but basically you study the work of Tupac, how it relates to literature, and why he is an important historical figure.

Last Updated: July 24, 2015