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10 Fictional Schools We Really Don't Wish We Attended

Chilton Academy ("Gilmore Girls")

You definitely don’t want to deal with all of the snooty gossip queens at this prep school. Sure, you may receive a great education, but that doesn’t make up for all the pretentious rich kids that you will have to deal with. Most of them are only trying to watch you flunk out anyway.

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The Air Conditioner Repair School ("Community")

There is definitely some dark forces at work here. Failure to complete tasks gets you abducted and their methods aren’t really all that effective in the first place. You are better off hanging out with your study group.

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Bates High School ("Carrie")

Even the kids who didn’t pick on the telekinetic nerd got their fair share of punishment. Rage isn’t always clearly aimed, especially when you are burning down a school full of teenagers. If I were enrolled here, I’d be begging my parents to move.

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Woodsboro High School ("Scream")

Things were never too safe at this school. Teenagers were the target of a killer on four separate occasions. Though, it always seemed to center around the same girl and her friends, so as long as you weren’t associated with them in any way you’d probably be fine.  

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Milford School for Boys ("Arrested Development")

I don’t know how much fun could happen at a school “where children are neither seen nor heard,” as we learn from the institution’s motto. At least the Bluth boys turned out okay, right?

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Mount Rose High School ("Drop Dead Gorgeous")

As if a high school beauty pageant isn’t murder enough on its own, the women quite literally place their lives on the line. Being anywhere near this school is just asking for something bad to happen to you.

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Crunchem Hall Primary School ("Matilda")

Roald Dahl isn’t known for giving children happy childhoods. Whether you are being verbally assaulted by Ms. Trunchbull or wondering why in the world Ms. Honey hasn’t transferred schools yet, you won’t be having a good time. Just don’t get thrown in Chokey.

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Westburg High School ("Heathers")

Over just a few days, enough students died to inspire a horribly 80’s song about suicide prevention. If Winona Ryder wasn’t around to be a badass, the body count would have been much higher. Also, the school was kind of terrible even before people started dropping dead.

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The School With the Really Long Name From ("Zoolander")

"Derek Zoolander Center for Children Who Can't Read and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too..." The name says it all. While Mr. Zoolander’s intentions are good, I don’t think that any students here will walk away knowing how to “read good." Plus, it’s way too small. What is it, a center for ants?

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George Washington Military Academy ("Cadet Kelly")

While Hillary Duff may have deserved some of her treatment, it doesn’t mean that you do. Plus, unless you are going to be in the military, the only benefit is that it “builds character." Do yourself a favor and work on your character somewhere else.

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