An adult goes back to school

15 Thoughts Every Adult has Going Back to School

Are you back in school after a few years out in the workforce or at home with the kids? You can probably relate to the non-traditional student #struggle. Many things have changed since you were in school the first time, and you undoubtedly have an entirely new perspective this time around.

Some aspects of returning to college are good, and others are not quite as desirable, so here’s what you’ve probably thought a time or two about everything that has come your way on campus.

  1. “Was I that stupid when I was 18?”

You think this every time you hear a student going on about how wasted they got last night. Or when they brag about getting a C without even studying. Oh, to be young and naive.

  1. “My professor is the same age as my daughter. This is awkward.”

This guy probably wasn’t even born the first time you went to college & now he’s teaching you. What does he know anyway?

  1. “Maybe I’ll try to set them up.”

He’s obviously intelligent, and not that bad looking, so maybe he’s a good choice. Or maybe not. Because he still is your professor and all.

  1. “Are those kids just throwing a frisbee around? Is that the ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ my kids are always talking about?”

Perhaps you should join in and get some exercise! As long as you can keep up. If not, there’s always the campus gym.

  1. “None of these kids are asking any questions. Hm. Well, I guess I’ll just have to ask them all myself.”

Every other student is probably glaring at you for making the class run late, but hey, if you want to know something, you should ask! Several other people will probably be helped by your questions too.

  1. “Boy, 21 Jump Street was right, things really have changed around here!”

There’s Chik-fil-a on campus now? And they completely renovated the theater? And just about every student has an iPad on them at all times? The future is here.

  1. “What is Blackboard? I thought that was just the board at the front of the classroom.”

Fortunately only some classes use this online forum to submit homework, but unfortunately you’ll still have to learn the ins and outs of Blackboard, even if you never use it again.

  1. “How on earth do I upload things to this ‘Blackboard’?”

It’s seriously so much easier to turn everything in by hand, but at least it saves you money by not having to print everything.

  1. “Why do I have to walk to a different building for each class? And why are they so far apart?”

When you were in school, everything was smaller and more condensed. But the bigger, the better, right? Particularly when it’s 110 degrees out...

  1. “All of these posters keep saying, “Get involved on campus,” but in what? It’s not like I’m going to join a sorority or something. Classes are more than enough for me.”

You would know how to show those youngins a good time, though. Unfortunately, family duties call.

  1. “Wow, she’s wearing that to class? If that was my daughter, she would be grounded.”

Yup, most colleges don’t have dress codes nowadays, so students can wear whatever they want. Usually that’s a good thing, but some students really take it too far with the crop tops and booty shorts.

  1. “I’ll never complain again about writing reports for my boss after doing this 12-page paper over religious philosophers of the 1500s.”

Even though this information will likely never be of use to you ever again, you still have to learn it. And it will be miserable.

  1. “I wonder what I’m going to do for dinner tonight. Maybe chicken tortilla soup?”

Most of these college students can just head to the cafeteria after classes are over, but not you. Now you have mouths to feed.

  1. “I definitely did not miss 8 a.m. classes.”

Who knew that getting up for an 8 a.m. class could be so different than getting up for work at 9 a.m.? Missing that single hour of sleep is a day-ruiner.

  1. “You know what? This gen ed art class is actually kind of fun. Is it too late to change my major?”

As pointless as you thought gen ed classes are, they can actually be pretty interesting. Still, you’re back in school to improve yours and your family’s lives, and getting an art degree may not accomplish that goal.

Last Updated: April 08, 2016