Businessman returning from a trip abroad

3 Reasons to Study International Business

An international business degree is a powerful tool for anyone looking to do well in the world of business. Whether you’re seeking a bachelor’s degree, a postgraduate degree, or additional certifications, you’ll find studying international business to be quite profitable. 

Fulfill your globetrotting dreams.

Have you ever wanted to visit China? How about Italy, Ecuador, or South Africa? Internship and study abroad prospects for international business majors are plentiful. American business programs tend to have a limited focus towards global commerce compared to European business schools, which benefit from involvement in the European Union. Gain an edge over your peers and become a little worldly in the process, expanding your network beyond borders. Learning a new language is a valuable skill for an international business student!

After graduation, you have the opportunity to continue traveling via business trips. Just because you can’t cover costs with scholarships doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Your employer will typically foot the bill. Of course, you can always relocate and work in a foreign country.

You’ll be keen on international business practices.

The marketing methods you learned about in the states may not be successful overseas. If you’re thinking about expanding into global markets or selling your product in other countries, it’s beneficial to take some international business classes. Learn about international business customs, ethics, and foreign business laws. Thanks to advances in technology, the world is more connected than ever before. A standard business degree is fine—if you plan to remain entirely within borders. International business is the way to go.

There’s a positive future for job growth.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for international business management careers is encouraging. Some of the more popular roles, such as marketing managers, have growth rates of at least 13%. Management analysts have a rate of 19%. Although language courses aren’t always a requirement for business majors, you may want to sign up for those Japanese classes after all; translator and interpreter jobs have a stellar growth rate of 46% through 2022.

An international business degree can be put to work in a variety of fields. Seek out careers with the government, nonprofit organizations, or international banks. There are plenty companies based in the United States with a global presence, in addition to international corporations seeking to gain footing in America. You’ll be sure to find a place for you, be it close to home or across the world!