4 Tips for Getting Your Online Counseling Degree

The online counseling degree is undoubtedly one of the most popular degrees for busy people who want to continue their educations. Online degrees do not require a great deal of prerequisites, and the psychology-related jobs that can come after graduation are definitely a step up from most entry-level positions. Below are four tips for obtaining your online counseling degree.

  1. Seek Financial Support From the Government
    Many federal and state agencies are eager to fill counseling positions, so there may be subsidized funding opportunities that will cover the cost of your education. The loans you can receive from federal and state governments usually have very low interest rates. You may also be able to get involved with a work-study program that can further minimize your debt.
  2. Find a Program That Works with Your Schedule
    Online degrees allow you to pursue a counseling degree without interrupting your normal life. You should not have to quit a day job or lose time with your family in order to start your career as a mental health counselor.
  3. Gain Internship Experience
    Who you know is just as important as what you know when it comes to getting a job after graduation. There are many counseling programs that may help you obtain internships with local hospitals or mental health clinics. In some cases, local counseling services will partner with educational programs so they can employ the best students right after they graduate. Ask admissions representatives if their schools have these types of relationships with local businesses.
  4. Find a Program with a Positive Reputation
    You want to have a degree from a school that is valued by its community. There is nothing better than having a name people trust on your diploma; finding an established online counseling program can open doors to great counseling jobs.
Last Updated: April 22, 2015