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5 Best Medical Transcription Training Programs

Medical transcription can be a great career field. A quick check on the internet, however, will deliver a bewildering array of programs from which to choose. How does someone select the best program to increase their chances of securing an entry-level position upon graduation? There are several factors people should take into account when considering this field including accreditation, course offerings, and accommodation. We have compiled a list of the top five medical transcription programs with a brief description of each.

  1. St. Paul College, Minneapolis - MN
    St. Paul College earned the distinction as the best ranked community college in the United States in 2013. It offers multiple medical office degree and certificate programs. Certificates are available in medical transcription, and students can select from either part-time or full-time enrollment options. In addition to coding, students complete coursework in pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, human disease and medical terminology to aid them in transcribing. The certificate requires the completion of 30 credit hours and takes approximately one year to complete if attending full time. The program and school are accredited.
  2. Mayland Community College - Spruce Pine, NC
    While Mayland Community College does not offer a separate medical technology certificate, it does offer a medical assisting Program that includes medical transcription. Obtaining the degree allows students to work in a wide variety of medical settings and to perform transcription as well. This can broaden the ability of students to land a greater variety of jobs within the medical office setting. The school also offers a medical assisting diploma program.
  3. Alexandria Technical College - Alexandria, MN
    Alexandria Technical College's medical transcription program trains students in accuracy of reporting and editing. Students also are taught medical terminology and coding to assist them in preparing good reports.
  4. Andrews School - Oklahoma City, OK
    Andrews School is completely focused on and specializes in online technical medical education. Their medical transcription program has been offered since 1990. Their philosophy is that many medical transcriptionists work from home, unsupervised and so being able to learn in the field is one additional skill their online program offers students. In addition to traditional transcription, Andrews School also teaches its students how to enter reports into the electronic records favored by hospitals today. Finally, Andrews College offers certification programs following graduation.
  5. Everett Community College - Everett, WA
    For busy people who need attendance flexibility, Everett Community College's program is offered online, leading to a certificate in medical transcription and editing. The program is comprised of 43 credits and is entirely online. Students can choose to attend part-time or full-time and are able to utilize their own computer for program completion. Everett's medical transcription program is approved by the Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity (ADHI).

Obtaining a medical transcription certificate can open doors, helping graduates secure good-paying jobs in the health industry. Choose your program with care and get certified upon completion and doors will open.

Last Updated: April 22, 2015