Associate's Degree in Business Administration

For many people, an associate's degree in business administration serves as the stepping stone to the completion of a bachelor's degree in the same area, while for others, it functions as a stepping stone to a job promotion or to a higher-paying entry level position.

An Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration prepares graduates to venture out into the world with some interesting careers ahead of them which include health care agency management, human resources, retail store management, and casino or gaming management.

The degree can be completed entirely online in approximately 18 months with each class being of six to twelve weeks in duration for a total of 64 credit hours. The majority of online programs send materials for projects and textbooks to students by mail as well as utilize easily-downloadable software. Many online schools feature interaction with professors and fellow students via discussion boards and email.

To ensure that students get started in the right direction, many schools require participation in an online orientation with the goal being to acquaint students with protocols expected when studying online rather than in a traditional campus classroom. Online courses are limited to 15 to 25 students per class.

Whether pursued online or at a traditional business school, potential students are required to possess a high school diploma or a GED, general education diploma. Students whose GPA is deemed by an institution not to be sufficient for entrance into the entry level of any course may be required to complete remedial assignments prior to admission.

General Education courses for this degree include English composition, business writing style, and basic math. Introductory courses are required in tax preparation, micro and macro economics, and business law.

Last Updated: June 28, 2017