Benefits of Getting an RN Certification

Benefits of Getting an RN Certification

In the modern workforce, being educated is extremely important. It’s hard to find a job without a bachelor’s degree, but those degrees are becoming more and more common. In nursing, not staying up-to-date on new findings and practices can sacrifice your chances of promotion and, most importantly, the health of your patients. Contrary to popular belief, going to graduate school isn’t your only option to beef up your résumé. Furthering your education can be as simple as getting RN certifications.

What Is Certification?

Having RN certification proves that you’ve mastered a precise area in the field of nursing. When you’re looking to get certified in a specific area, you’ll want to make sure that the organization certifying you is credible. This ensures you can give your patients the best care possible. When you apply to new jobs, you can rest assured that credible certification will be trusted by your potential employers, not viewed as a faulty source of education.

Graduate School v. RN Certification 

You might still be wondering why RN certification may be a better option for your career than going to graduate school would be. By getting RN certified, you can choose to focus on the specific areas you work in. For example, if the majority of your work is with children, you may choose to pursue Certified Pediatric Nursing credentials. Pursuing certification in the specific field you work in is cheaper and faster than going to graduate school. It provides you with the education you need without weighing you down with extra studying or loans.

Staying Up-to-Date

Because the world of healthcare is always advancing, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the newest findings and practices in the industry, and certification is a great way to do that. We’ve seen rapid changes take place in the healthcare industry over the past few decades. Your degree will never be “outdated,” but if you graduated years ago, you might consider freshening up a bit. Your patients will definitely notice an improvement in your caregiving.

Better Qualifications

With RN certification, you’ll be better qualified for your job. This will position you for promotions and job offerings. If you only have an ADN or BSN, you may notice the only difference in your résumé and everybody else applying for similar jobs is the amount of time worked. If you want to immediately stand out from the crowd of applicants, certifications will give you the step up you need. Even if you’re not looking to change your place of employment, you’ll still be better qualified for pay raises and promotions.

Confidence in the Workplace

The world of healthcare is so stressful. No two patients are the same, and problems can arise in a heartbeat. Field experience helps you handle those stressful situations in a more controlled manner. Having extra RN certification will also boost your confidence. This helps your patients, your co-workers, and your mental health. The calming effect that comes from someone knowing what they are doing may not be measurable, but it’s extremely important in an industry like healthcare.

No matter where you’re at in your nursing career, being RN certified will only help. For many people, it’s a better option than going back to school. For your patients, RN certification gives them the care they deserve. If you’re trying to advance your career, extra certification may be the smartest path to take. If you’re working as a nurse, there’s no reason not to pursue RN certification.

Last Updated: October 02, 2018