Online English courses on a laptop

Benefits of Taking Online English Courses

If you’re trying to figure out how to learn English, online English courses can be a great option. Whether it’s for pleasure, business, or your education, online English lessons can help you learn how to speak English with minimal fuss, funds, and embarrassment.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that when learning English suddenly becomes a matter of whether or not to turn the computer on, bringing it straight into your home and letting you immerse yourself in it on your own schedule. But that’s far from all!

Individual Pace

It’s one thing to learn a foreign language in the privacy of your own home. It’s quite another to do it in front of a large group of people - many of whom have either had a head start or have just picked it up more easily. Conversely, you may be ahead of the curve. Having to stick with the class may be holding you back, and that can make English classes frustrating and make it much more difficult to really get interested in the subject.

Picking up a book and muddling through it on your own, of course, is always an option, but online English lessons offer the interactiveness and response of a classroom without the need to go at a pace everyone can keep up with.


English online courses offer a lot of opportunities that traditional English lessons don’t. Teachers (and other students) often expect you to learn exactly the way they are teaching to learn it. But everyone learns differently. Online courses understand that - and they give you a whole variety of ways to get your English education. Maybe you do better reading a word or phrase and then practicing it on your own. Maybe you do better to have the words spoken out loud, and then let you repeat after them.

These courses let you individualize your English classes. When you’re trying to learn how to speak English, you’re going to be much more successful if you have the opportunity to do it not only at your own pace, but in your own way of learning.

Peace of Wallet, Peace of Mind

Free English classes are often few and far between. And why should you pay to learn in a way that doesn’t suit you, with a bunch of people you’re uncomfortable to practice with? But free English lessons online are not so hard to find. Most websites have multiple options - you can pay (and it’s usually a fairly small amount that covers an entire year’s of website use), or you can take the less fancy option, but do it for free.

You’re not only saving yourself the extra time you’d be wasting trying to fit into your class, but a year’s worth of tuition becomes about $20.

Last Updated: June 29, 2017