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Best Online Architecture Programs

College is almost a necessity these days, but it is often difficult to find the money and time to actually go to class. As more and more people are voicing their concerns about this issue, schools are continually making programs available online. This is becoming a possibility in a wide variety of industries, even in the world of architecture. Let’s compare some of the top ranked online programs in this field:

Lawrence Technological University

After receiving extremely favorable rankings from both U.S. News & World Report and Princeton Review, Lawrence Technological University has gained considerable notoriety within the architecture world and is considered by many to be the best online degree program in the industry.

The College of Architecture and Design offers a great selection of degree programs, most notably in architecture, design and management. A master of architecture (M.Arch.) degree can be completed with as little as 36 credit hours. For those who are a little more ambitious, a joint degree can be earned combining a M.Arch with an M.B.A. online by completing 57 credit hours. This can really be beneficial to those who want to find managerial positions in the field of architecture.

Annual tuition falls at $18,663.

Boston Architectural College

Another frontrunner in online architecture degrees is coming out of Beantown: Boston Architectural College. You would expect a college that specializes in architecture to know a thing or two about it. In the case of BAC, they also have a killer online degree program. With just over 1,000 students on campus, you can receive all of the benefits of a smaller school, including a 6 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio. This means a much more intimate setting and individual conferences with professors pretty much as often as you are available.

However, there are some drawbacks to the small population, such as BAC being a much more selective school. There is also a joint degree with environmental design. Pretty sweet, huh? Plus, BAC has an earned connection with the surrounding professional community, and students often fulfill their internships in an actual architecture firm.

Annual tuition is $21,641 on average.

Art Academy University

If you're seeking an added plug toward creativity in their architectural expertise, look no further than Art Academy University. Many of the professors here have years of experience in their fields, including interior design, architectural management, and visual arts. In fact, one of the degree options is an online BFA in interior architecture and design. These are the people who don’t just build structures based on practicality, they create buildings that will be aesthetically pleasing while serving their purpose.

Students enjoy how interactive the online classes are, maintaining the hands-on appeal of a classroom without the time and location restraints that normally accompanies it. Professors post their lectures online, so you're able to feel like you're in the classroom with them. Not too shabby.

Annual tuition is around $19,130.

Other Online Architecture Programs Worth Checking Out:

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Last Updated: June 13, 2017