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Best Online Economics Programs

College degrees have almost become a necessity in modern society, but all of the effort to find a school close to home and make time to go to class can become overwhelming. Online degrees allow you to earn your degree at your own pace. Economics is one of the better fields to get your degree online. Let’s take a look at some of the most accessible programs in this field.

South New Hampshire Online University

With a highly experienced faculty and live chat options available all day everyday, South New Hampshire Online University is making a remarkable effort to become one of the most competitive schools around. SNHOU is also known for its direct pathway for transfer students to join the university. So if you have credits from another school, you won’t have to worry about them being wasted.

Thomas Edison State College

This was one of the first schools in the nation to specifically cater to the needs of nontraditional students, offering curriculum targeted toward those who have been out of high school for several years. Also, enrollment is available at any point during the year, as new classes begin each month.

Fort Hays State University Online

One of the cheapest options on this list, Fort Hays State University Online, offers several degree paths in economics with classes ranging the entire spectrum of business and social sciences. Students at Fort Hays focus on the human side of economics, studying the effect current and future trends will have on the community.  

University of Alabama - Birmingham

All of the online classes at UA Birmingham are taught by instructors who also teach on-campus classes, so their lessons tend to mirror those which they give in person. This gives the opportunity for Alabama students to get the same education as those who are physically at the university without ever having to set foot on campus.

Franklin University

Franklin has a reputation of hiring instructors who have spent several years working in their respective fields, so they are able to bring their hands-on experience into the classroom and let students know what life will actually be like when they graduate and enter the workforce. This also allows them to offer specialized degrees in the field of economics instead of one blanket degree.

Georgia Southern University

The name alone will impress many potential employers, as Georgia Southern University has a strong reputation for producing leaders of industry. In addition to the economics degree, GSU also offers a bachelor’s of science degree in applied economics, which gives students the opportunity to put their skills into practice as they make predictions about the future of the global market.

Last Updated: September 19, 2023