Online Typing

Best Websites for Free Online Typing Tests

Learning to type quickly and accurately can be easy. Several websites are dedicated to helping you learn to type without paying a single cent. With these sites, you can learn how to type using excerpts from stories or even games.

Typing Test

At Typing Test, you can test your speed and accuracy by typing Aesop’s fables, Rules of Baseball, Wizard of Oz, and other stories and tales that you may find familiar. The site records your words per minute and errors and adjusts your score based on the number of mistakes made. You can choose the amount of time you spend on your test from one minute to five minutes. Typing Test also has options to type in a different language so you can practice your French, Spanish, German, and more. 

Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online gives you an excerpt from reviews, songs, and books and allows you to type them as fast as you can within a minute. It displays how many errors you made and the ones you fixed. Speed Typing Online is unique since it tells you your fastest and slowest characters, the most characters missed, and the most inaccurate keys. Speed Typing Online also has settings for those who use a Dovrak and Colemark layout rather than QWERTY. 


Keybr focuses on teaching people that “hunt and peck” how to find the keys through muscle memory. The lessons are designed to present you with words that may not be familiar, which helps you focus on where the letter is through muscle memory. As your skill increases, more letters are added, and the tasks become harder. The words may seem unfamiliar at first, but the better you get, the more familiar the words become. Keybr also has some games that allow you to challenge others and learn at the same time. 

Key Hero

Key Hero shows how quickly you type based on a variety of errors. The timer starts when you begin typing, and it records every kind of mistake you make. By examining your errors, you can increase your accuracy, which raises your overall words per minute. Key Hero offers different languages so you can practice your typing skills in French, German, and Italian as well.


TypeRacer can be incredibly addictive, but it’s also a great way to learn to type quickly with encouragement using racing. Compete against others around the world by typing as fast as you can to move your car. The faster you type, the faster your car moves and the higher your words per minute. Your letters have to be accurate to move the little car, so it can easily get your adrenaline pumping. By signing up, you can even show the world your highest scores.

Last Updated: August 29, 2016