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College Majors That Make the Least Money

10. Theater

Most theater majors don’t even end up working a job in their field after graduation (9 out of 10), but the ones who do try to stay in that field earn an average of $26,000 (or $42,000 after a master’s). Plus, the unemployment rate is 7.1%.

9. Anthropology

Students who major in anthropology or archaeology with hopes of discovering the lost tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs will probably be disappointed to know that students who graduate with this degree usually face a whopping 10.5% unemployment rate. Even if they score a job, the median salary is only $28,000. That number does go up to $57,000 with a graduate degree.

8. Psychology

This is a highly popular major, but the unfortunate part is that a bachelor’s in psychology is practically useless without a master’s degree or a doctorate. The unemployment rate for psych majors is 10.9% and the average salary is $29,000. A master’s in this field pays off because the average salary goes up to $81,000.

7. Digital Filmmaking

Big-time filmmakers can make the big bucks, but most students who choose this time and labor-intensive major make an average salary of only $30,000 ($42,000 with a master’s) if they can even find a job in their field. The unemployment rate for this field is one of the highest at 12.9%.

6. Studio Art

Unfortunately for this major, the stereotype of becoming a starving artist rings true. Upon graduating, studio art majors face an unemployment rate of 12.6% and a low median salary of $30,000 after a bachelor’s and $48,000 after a graduate degree. Graphic designers don’t fare much better with an average salary of $32,000.

5. Music

Music, like most fine arts, finds itself on this list due to a 9.2% unemployment rate and a low average salary of $30,000 after graduation. Music majors may want to rethink this choice, as the degree requires a lot of time and effort without much payback. Obtaining a master’s degree could pay off, however, as the average salary is then $70,000.

4. Kinesiology

Unless students use this major to gain acceptance to physical therapy program, the odds of financial success aren’t very good. This major has an unemployment rate of 8.3% and an average salary of $32,000, or $53,000 with a master’s or personal training certification.

3. English

English, literature, and writing majors practically have their future written for them, as graduates who chose these majors have a 9.2% unemployment rate and an average salary of $32,000 with a bachelor’s and $56,000 with a master’s.

2. History

History majors may want to seek out a teaching certification or an advanced degree (which bumps up the average salary to $56,000) because the unemployment rate in this field is 10.2%, and the average salary is $32,000.

1. Philosophy

While this major may be highly interesting to learn about, the effort students put into it may not pay off financially after college. The unemployment rate for this major is 10.8%, and students who do find jobs can expect an average salary of $35,000 or $75,000 after a graduate degree.