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College Majors That Make the Most Money

10. Finance

The average salary for newly graduated bachelor’s degree holders starting out in the finance field is $58,000, making it one of the highest starting salaries for college grads. Those with advanced degrees who choose to be analysts can earn an average of $77,000 a year.

9. Marketing

The average salary for someone with a bachelor’s degree in marketing is $61,000, and $99,000 with a master’s degree. This degree opens up job options like public relations coordinators and marketing associates.

8. Nursing

A registered nurse (RN) with a bachelor’s degree earns $64,000 a year. An experienced nurse with an advanced degree can earn up to $104,000, depending on if they choose to work in a private practice or a hospital.

7. Biology

With just a bachelor’s degree in this field, biologists earn about $65,000 a year, but that salary goes up to $104,000 with a graduate degree. Those who go to medical school or physical therapy school can increase their earning potential even more.

6. Business

Business majors can enjoy an average salary of $69,000 with a bachelor’s degree. Plus, if they decide to pursue a master’s degree, they can earn an average of $92,000 per year. The most popular career choices for business majors include business managers and network administrators.


For those who choose to create their own businesses, the sky is the limit in terms of salary.

5. Architecture

Architects with a bachelor’s degree in the architecture field earn an average of $73,000, and those with a graduate degree usually earn $83,000 or more. A lot of bachelor’s degree programs in architecture take up to five years, so that is a factor to take into account.

4. Physics

With an average salary of $73,000 (with a bachelor’s degree), the earning potential in the physics field is already quite good. Plus, a master’s or Ph.D. in this field can earn you $105,000 or more.

3. Economics

Economics is similar to the business major, but with a slightly higher average salary of $76,000 a year. Economics majors can earn up to $126,000 with a master’s degree. Popular career choices include market researchers and accountants.

2. Computer Science

Students who decide to major in computer science or a related major, like mathematics or applied mathematics, earn an average of $85,000, and their salaries can skyrocket to $104,000 or more if they choose to obtain a master’s degree.

1. Engineering

Chemical engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering - the list never ends - and this major tops every list when it comes to earning potential. With even just a bachelor’s degree, the average salary is $93,000, and that number jumps to $114,000 with a graduate degree.