A young student studies for her driving test online

Drivers Ed Online: What You Need to Know

As technology becomes more interwoven into our psyche, we’re moving away from the traditional means of accomplishing goals.

In a few short clicks, we can learn to speak Portuguese and buy a 30-pound box of gummy worms, all without leaving the comfort of our living room. Following this pattern, more and more drivers education courses are becoming accessible in cyberspace. Since it's a relatively new concept, many people still don’t know all the facts. Let’s weigh the difference and try to clear up any confusion.

The Upside

  • Taking driving classes online is almost always cheaper. Unless you’re fortunate enough to attend a high school where drivers education is an offered course, you’ll be paying a pretty penny for a driving instructor. Online classes cut out some of the unnecessary pieces, so it’s more affordable for the consumer.

  • Due to the format of the classes, online drivers education offers a maximum amount of interaction on the end of the user. Quizzes, games, and glossy animations make it easier to remember the required information when it comes time to take the driving test.

  • Students work at their own pace. This means that they’re able to choose the work schedule that works best for them, as opposed to having to cater to the frigid meeting time of the traditional classroom. In this sense, you never miss a class. You work when it’s convenient for you.

  • You don’t have to leave your home. If you’re taking a drivers education course, then it’s likely that transportation is a conflict for you. With online drivers ed classes, however, you won’t have to bum a ride from your friend or cough up bus fare.

The Downside

  • Some driving schools are a scam. Everyone knows that you need to be careful on the internet. There are plenty of people out there who just want to take your money. Make sure you’re able to trust the website before providing your credit card information.

  • You don’t get the benefit of learning with other students. In a typical classroom environment, there are unplanned topics and questions that arise, which may lead to productive content that you wouldn’t normally get. Also, you don’t have a study group.

  • It may be difficult for you to motivate yourself to complete deadlines. You don’t have a teacher looking over your shoulder, so it would be tempting to put assignments off until the end of the course. It’s important to have a strong sense of self-discipline if you choose to enroll in online driving school.

  • The information you learn is designed to meet the broad range of student needs in a variety of areas. This means you won’t get the benefit of having lessons tailored to the rules and regulations of your state, which may differ from those being taught in the course.
Last Updated: December 12, 2017