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Is Online College the Right Choice for You?

Have you been weighing the merits of online college versus sitting in a traditional classroom? If so, you might be wondering if online college is the right choice for you. Fortunately, there are a few factors you should consider to help you make this decision.

Hectic Schedule
If you have a hectic schedule because of work or your kids' after-school activities, you might not be able to attend classes in a traditional format. You can actually take classes online, in which you are allowed to log in when you have time instead of at a regularly scheduled time. As long as you complete your assignments by the due dates, you are free to work at your own pace when it fits into your schedule.

Being an Introvert
If you are an introvert, you might hate the thought of having to sit in a traditional classroom setting in which you are expected to hold discussions with the professor and other students or make presentations in front of the group. Online schools might better suit your needs because all of the interactions will take place either by e-mail or in discussion forums. You might feel less anxious about taking new courses when you eliminate the face-to-face contact. However, you will still have the support you need from the professor either by phone or e-mail.

Geographic Location
If you have your heart set on a specific college program, you might not live close to a college that offers that program. If moving to a new city or state is not an option, consider taking courses from an online school to get the actual degree you really want. There is no need to settle on a different degree because of your geographic location.

No Childcare
If you are the parent of young children, have you thought about who would take care of your children while you attend classes on a college campus? College can be expensive, and paying someone to babysit while you are in class can make going back to school even more expensive. However, online college is a good option if you need to stay at home with your kids while you take courses. You can study, complete assignments, or watch lectures while your kids play at your feet.

Fast Learning
Are you a fast learner who is often at the head of the class? If so, online college might be a good choice for you because you can work ahead of the curriculum without being held back at a slower pace that is more appropriate for other students in the class. You won't have to sit in class and listen to students ask questions that you already know the answer to, and you can read through the texts on your own schedule.

Online college may be the best choice for you if you feel that you can handle the technology requirements and troubleshoot any problems you may encounter. Online schools typically offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling and course length.

If money is an issue...
If money is the factor stopping you from enrolling in an online college, worry no more: you can go to online school for free! There are tons of free online colleges out there - all you have to do is look in the right place. Here's a list of free online college courses to get you started

Last Updated: June 13, 2017