A young college student discusses becoming a public relations major with her academic advisor

Pros and Cons of Being a Public Relations Major

You may think choosing a major is a no-brainer. But before committing yourself to something that will make you miserable, it’s important to get the facts. What do other people who have stood in your shoes say about their time as public relations majors? What were their biggest obstacles? What eventually kept them in the program? Let’s find out.

Pro: You get to work with social media.

With so much of advertising and public relations moving to online formats, you will need to be familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular platforms for transferring information. This means you get to do a lot of what you probably do in your spare time anyway.

Con: It can be a very competitive career.

Companies want to hire the best person for the job, and public relations is a field that is full of ambitious and impressive individuals. You’re going to need to find some way to make yourself stand out.

Pro: You build a large network.

In a public relations job, so much of your time and energy is spent creating connections with other people. Particularly at the college level, you’re meeting lots of people who can be valuable when you’re searching for a career or need advice about the field.

Con: This field can come with a lot of stress.

This is a busy, complicated job, and it’s not one that you can leave at the office. Even when you’re still in school, you’ll need to balance a lot of things at once.

Pro: You are your authentic self.

While you’re figuring yourself out, you’ll also need to figure out what skills you can contribute to the world of public relations - so much of your job will be convincing people they can trust you, so you’ll need to learn how to use your own vulnerability to your advantage.

Con: Every project will need to be good enough for your portfolio.

As a public relations major, you’re constantly building a portfolio to use in job interviews. This means your work will need to be at its best, rather than what you might create at four in the morning because you procrastinated.

Pro: You won’t be bored.

Public relations is a vastly changing field, one that is fast-paced. You will need to produce work with very little notice. So, you’ll learn how to work well under pressure and stay organized while doing so.

Con: There are negative stereotypes attached to the major.

Public relations majors often get a bad wrap. People will say that you’re using tricks to manipulate people. Even when you try to defend yourself, those negative stereotypes might already be set in the minds of others.

Pro: You have options.

There’s a lot of variety to this field. Pretty much every industry utilizes the services of public relations representatives in one respect or another, so you’ll be able to combine it will some of your other passions.

Last Updated: September 04, 2015