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The Best Colleges for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is considered one of the more challenging majors. Therefore, you want to try your best to attend a college with a good mechanical engineering program. Doing so will greatly benefit you in the mechanical engineering field, as you'll have reputable professors and access to better resources.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    MIT is considered by many people to be the best college for studying mechanical engineering. Tuition will cost you about $43,210 per year without any scholarships, financial aid, or grants.The engineering professors at MIT are excellent, there is massive funding for projects and programs, and there are also better opportunities for research.
  2. Stanford University
    One of the best things about mechanical engineering at Stanford University is the wide availability of research opportunities. In fact, about 60 percent of graduating students from Stanford have done research. The Stanford student body is known for being intelligent, supportive, and heavily collaborative. This creates an atmosphere conducive to learning and growth. The tuition per year at Stanford University averages $45,480.
  3. California Institute of Technology
    Prepare to pay about $39,990 in tuition for each year you spend at Caltech. However, the tuition may be worthwhile to you when you consider the low student/professor ratio. Those attending Caltech for the mechanical engineering program won't have trouble communicating with their professors.
  4. University of California-Berkeley
    Berkeley was ranked 3rd place by US News & World Report when it comes to schools with the best mechanical engineering programs. According to the same source, the tuition at this university is around $11,220 per year. This is much lower than the other top mechanical engineering programs. The mechanical engineering program at Berkeley is highly respected due to quality professors and the high funding provided for the program.
  5. Georgia Institute of Technology
    Like Berkeley, the Georgia Institute of Technology also has a low annual cost of $11,324 per year, but the academics at GaTech are rigorous for mechanical engineering students. There are also many extracurricular activities offered that are beneficial for students, such as clubs and research opportunities.

If you want to major in mechanical engineering, these five universities offer the best programs. However, admission to these programs is difficult, and therefore requires dedication and hard work in high school.