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The Most and Least Educated Cities in the United States

Seattle, WA (Most Educated)

Seattle topped the list when it comes to residents with a college education--a whopping 62.2% of Seattle citizens have one. They also ranked number two when it comes to residents with graduate degrees. In that category, they come in at 27%. 

Detroit, MI (Least Educated)

Poor Detroit nabbed the bottom spot both for residents with a college degree (14.6%) and a graduate degree (6.2%). 

San Francisco, CA (Most Educated)

Coming in at number two on the college graduate list, 57.8% of San Francisco residents have a college degree. Additionally, they ranked highly for residents that have a graduate degree as well, with 22.7%. 

Fresno, CA (Least Educated)

Like several of the cities on the worst-educated list, Fresno, did poorly in multiple categories. They're next to last for both college degrees (21.3%) and graduate degrees (6.9%). 

Washington, DC (Most Educated)

As crazy as it might seem, our nation's capital is filled with college educated people--57.3% of the population, to be exact. That puts them at number three for cities with college-educated residents. 

Milwaukee, WI (Least Educated)

Milwaukee was third on the list for cities with the least college graduates at 23.6%, and things don't look to be improving. They also had one of the lowest rankings for growth in college graduates, with only at 10.1% change over the last few years. 

Raleigh, NC (Most Educated)

Raleigh was another strong contender for percentage of residents with a college degree. The North Carolina city ranked number four with 51%. 

El Paso, TX (Least Educated)

El Paso ranked 4th worst for college-educated residents (24.7%) and 6th worst for residents with a graduate degree (9%). 

Austin, TX (Most Educated)

Austin sits at number five on the list of college-educated residents with 51%. And their ranking might move even higher in the future because they also ranked highly for growth in the number of college degrees with a 35% change over the last five years. 

Memphis, TN (Least Educated)

Memphis was 6th worst for college-educated citizens at 25.7%. They'll have a hard time improving that ranking, because they also did poorly with respect to degree growth--they only saw an 8.8% change over the last few years. 

Minneapolis, MN (Most Educated)

Just over half of the Minneapolis population holds a college degree, which puts them at number six in the country. Interestingly, they also rank number six for residents with graduate degrees (20.2%). 

San Antonio, TX (Least Educated)

San Antonio had rankings low enough that they made the list for both residents with a college education (only 26.5%) and residents with a graduate degree (only 9.9%). 

Portland, OR (Most Educated)

Portland sits at number seven on two lists--number of college graduates (49.9%) and residents with advanced degrees (20.1%). 

Tucson, AZ (Least Educated)

Tucson isn't doing the worst, but they still managed to land in the bottom ten cities with the least college-educated residents. They came in with only 27.7% holding a degree. 

Denver, CO (Most Educated)

49.3% of Denver residents have a college degree, which puts them in 8th place for those rankings. Additionally, they ranked 5th for change in the number of college graduates with an increase of 28.2% in the last five years. 

Arlington, TX (Least Educated)

Arlington was 9th worst when it comes to residents with a college degree--only 27.9% of people here have a college education. Additionally, they ranked worst in the country when it comes to degree growth. They only saw a change of .5% in the last few years. 

Atlanta, GA (Most Educated)

We're not sure what it is about college-educated Southerners and Atlanta, but 49.2% of the population have a college degree, and 21.3% hold a graduate degree. 

Jacksonville, FL (Least Educated)

Jacksonville finds itself 10th from the bottom when it comes to cities with college-educated residents. Only 28.1% of the population here has a degree. 

Boston, MA (Most Educated)

Boston barely made the top 10 for cities with college graduates, but they just squeezed by with 48.2% of residents having a degree. They also ranked highly for growth in college-educated adults, with a change of 27.4% in the last five years. 

Tulsa, OK (Least Educated)

Tulsa didn't actually hit the bottom ten cities with the least college graduates, but if they're not careful, they could end up there soon. They ranked 3rd worst for growth in the number of residents with college degrees with only a 5.7% change. 

Miami, FL (Most Educated)

It might not seem like a lot of learning goes on in sunny Miami, but the number of college-educated residents has grown leaps and bounds in the past five years with a positive change of 46.3%. That puts them at the number one spot for growth of degrees over time. 

Albuquerque, NM (Least Educated)

Albuquerque hasn't hit the bottom 10 for bachelor and graduate degrees, but they could be on their way there. They ranked lowly for both growth in both categories--11.8% and 13% respectively. 

Fort Worth, TX (Most Educated)

Fort Worth may have ranked poorly for residents with a graduate degree (9.3%), but they're on the rise when it comes to residents with a college education. They grew that number by 32.5% in the last five years, which puts them at number three on that particular list. 

Mesa, AZ (Least Educated)

Graduate degrees are in short supply in Mesa, AZ. They ranked 3rd worst for number of residents with an advanced degree--only 8.4% of the population has one. 

Las Vegas (Most Educated)

Gambling has always been big in Vegas, but now it seems like education is on the rise too. They've managed to grow their share of college graduates by 28.4% over the past few years, which puts them in 4th place for that ranking. 

Chicago, IL (Least Educated)

Chicago is not doing as bad as some cities, but they did rank 9th worst for growth in residents with graduate degrees. They've only seen a 16.4% change in the last few years. 

Omaha, NE (Most Educated)

Omaha couldn't quite crack the top ten for residents with degrees, but the number of graduate degrees in the city is on the rise. They've seen a 34.2% increase in advanced degrees over the last few years, which places them at 6th on that list. 

Dallas, TX (Least Educated)

Like some others on this list, Dallas isn't doing terrible. But that being said, they did rank 10th worst in terms of graduate degree growth. There has only been a 16.4% change in the last few years. 

Charlotte, NC (Most Educated)

Charlotte doesn't top the charts when it comes to graduate degrees, but they are definitely on the rise in the city. They've seen a 37.4% increase in residents with advanced degrees over the previous years. 

Long Beach, CA (Least Educated)

Long Beach has had slow growth for residents with either a bachelor or graduate degree. They had a change of only 12% and 4.6% (the worst in the country) respectively.