Massage therapy student gives a practice massage to a blonde woman

The Pros and Cons of Attending Massage Therapy School

You may be considering a career as a massage therapist. Massage therapy school, however, is not for everyone. In this article, we’ll be looking at the advantages and drawbacks of taking this professional route.

Pros of Attending Massage Therapy School

  • Intensive Learning
    When you attend a massage therapy school, you have the opportunity to learn from experts in a focused environment. You will be able to learn many therapeutic massage techniques and perhaps other important health and wellness related strategies as well.
  • Obtain the Proper Credentials
    When you graduate from the school, you will have a license or certification that can help you obtain employment. If you’re working for yourself, your clients will be comforted knowing that you are a licensed massage therapist.
  • Receive Career Guidance
    When you attend a massage therapy school, you will have access to any career guidance they may offer. This can help you find a job after you graduate.

Cons of Attending Massage Therapy School

  • Expense
    For many people, the cost of attending a massage therapy school is problematic. You may have to borrow money or make a financial sacrifice to pay your tuition.
  • Time Consuming
    For people working a full time job or with other pressing responsibilities, attending massage therapy school may be impractical. You must be able to devote a certain amount of time to this study.
  • Challenging Profession
    Massage therapy is a physically demanding career. Both training to be a massage therapist and actually practicing can be grueling for the body. Many massage therapists develop carpal tunnel, back pain, and other work related injuries.

Is Massage Therapy School Right For You?

Deciding whether or not to attend massage therapy school is a personal decision. While this type of study can lead to a satisfying and profitable career, you have to be clear about your goals and whether or not this is truly something that's right for you. It’s best to consider all of the pros and cons before making your decision. For people who are committed to pursuing this very rewarding career, however, attending a good massage school is the next logical step.

Last Updated: April 22, 2015