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Top 4 ROTC Programs

In order to be the best, you should train with the best. For passionate college students looking to be the best in their field, Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is the best training for leadership in a variety of careers. ROTC is available at over 1,100 colleges and universities throughout the nation. There are even merit-based scholarships available that can pay up to the full cost of tuition for dedicated students. The best programs are based on retention and graduation rates, scholarships, and opportunities after completion.

Duke University

Students who choose to complete training at 7th ranked university enjoy a 97 percent retention rate and a 95% graduation rate. Opportunities are available for regular military programs and a nursing ROTC program. There is also a Naval and Air Force unit which boasts a 97% pilot selection rate. Other positives include a “Distinguished Graduate” rate, which makes it the best of Air Force ROTC graduates throughout the nation.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This Cambridge-based institute includes all ROTC programs. It is ranked seventh by U.S. News, and brags an excellent 97% retention rate and a 93% graduation rate. Alumni include more than 12,000 officers and 150 generals and admirals. The Army ROTC program dates back to 1865, with regular ROTC training and a nursing program available as well. Navy, Marine, and Air Force tradition is strong and programs is all areas are available for training.

University of Notre Dame

Based in Indiana, Notre Dame's ROTC program has all areas available for training. There is a 98% retention and a 95% graduation rate and is ranked 18th, based on U.S. News reports. A number of special programs, such as the Navy's Trident Naval Society, the Army Fightin' Irish Battalion, and the Air Force Arnold Air Society, offer great outside opportunities.

University of California at Berkeley

This university hosts all ROTC programs and boasts a 97% retention and a 91% graduation rate. According to US News, it is ranked 20th. The Air Force presents opportunities for base visits and language immersion trips. The Naval ROTC program has a rich tradition and is known as one of the oldest units in the country. The Army ROTC unit includes distinguished alumni generals and a former secretary of defense.

If becoming an officer is important to you, it is vital that you consider the best training program available to you. No matter which branch of the military you decide to pursue, top leadership opportunities can be made available through these and other universities throughout the country.

Last Updated: April 22, 2015