School supplies being used at a top interior design programs.

Top 5 Interior Design Programs

Interior design is a profession for taking a space and accommodating it for the uses that will take place there. In order to design such a space, an interior decorator must be able to exercise conceptual development to manage the execution of the design. To obtain these skills, you might consider being trained at one of these outstanding undergraduate schools, offered here in alphabetical order.

  1. Pratt Institute - Brooklyn, NY
    This well-known school has a second campus in New York City, as well as more than a dozen locations worldwide for study abroad and exchange programs. The undergraduate enrollment for 2013 was 3,149 for degree-seeking students. The school boasts state-of-the-art facilities. The acceptance rate is 67% while tuition and fees for are around $45,000. About 80% of the students receive some form of financial aid.
  2. Rhode Island School of Design - Providence, RI
    One advantage that this school has is that it is located next door to Brown University. The 2013 enrollment was 2,420 students who met a 27% acceptance rate. Education is studio based in the 19 major fields offered. Collaborative programs are offered with many outside entities. The school also maintains a significant center in Rome.
  3. Savannah College of Art and Design - Savannah, GA
    Although relatively new, this school has an international reputation, with campuses in Atlanta, Hong Kong, and La Coste, France. The student body of over 10,000 comes from all 50 states and 100 countries. The campus is composed of 67 buildings in central Savannah, which contain 16 galleries. 77% of classes have fewer than 20 students studying in 40 majors and 60 minors. The tuition and fees average around $34,000, though 58% of full-time students receive some financial aid.
  4. University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, Ohio
    Within a large university, the School of Architecture and Interior Design offers comprehensive courses and studios. This is a 5-year program which includes 1.5 years of cooperative education experiences. Here you will engage in real-world projects brought by regional, national and even international clients. Admission varies by program. Costs are assessed by credit hour and in- or out-of-state residency.
  5. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Blacksburg, Virginia
    This University had an enrollment of 31,205 in 2013. The School of Architecture and Design has a 70% acceptance rate. Tuition and fees vary by program and are assessed by the credit hour. Roughly, an in-state student will pay $20,000 a year, and an out-of-state student will pay $36,000. Between the third and fourth years, students are recommended to participate in a design internship. The University maintains a Center for European Studies and Architecture in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland for its students.