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Top 5 Schools for Baking

The first step to following your dreams and pursuing a baking career is to get the right education and training. Here’s a list of the five best schools for baking.

1. Culinary Institute of America

Originally located in Hyde Park, New York, the Culinary Institute of America is known as one of the best schools for baking. In fact, U.S. News and World's Report even placed this school on its list of 2015's best colleges. Today, the Culinary Institute of America has three campus locations that include not only Hyde Park, but also California and Texas. This particular school offers associate's and bachelor's degree programs in culinary arts, as well as baking and pastry arts and wine and beverages. These programs give students experience in the real world with internships and the opportunity to work in the institute's pastry establishments.

2. Johnson & Wales University

Found right in Providence, Rhode Island, Johnson & Wales is a school that excels in all kinds of areas. However, over the years, the culinary arts has become a real focus at this school. Like the Culinary Institute of America, Johnson & Wales University has been included on the U.S. News and Report's 2015 best colleges list. Now, Johnson & Wales has four campuses that are located not only in Rhode Island but also Florida, Colorado, and North Carolina. Here, students can obtain an associate's or bachelor's degree in baking and pastry arts. However, if you decide to go into one of these programs, you will need to complete an internship right nearby or abroad.

3. Columbus State Community College

Columbus State Community College has quickly become known as one of the top schools for those looking to go into baking because of the restaurant and food service management programs found here. This Columbus, Ohio school works to better students by training them to run and oversee a kitchen, restaurant, or in this case, a commercial bakery. Students can get either a bachelor's or associate's degree in baking or opt for a certification instead.

4. Oakland Community College

Oakland Community College is a great school for students who want to go into a specific aspect of baking because this Bloomfield, MI college offers a lot of different classes that aren’t available at many other baking schools. Here, you can take a class in wedding cake design,retail baking, artisan breads, and plated desserts. With a certification from Oakland Community College, you are setting yourself up for nothing but success. This school really looks at what you can do with this degree once you graduate and not just getting the degree itself.

5. El Paso Community College

Based out of El Paso, TX, this community college takes a different look at the baking industry. Compared to other schools that focus more on developing and furthering your baking skills, this is one where students learn more about the business side of baking. Of course, these students pick up culinary skills, but the management side of running a bakery is just as important. El Paso Community College cares about turning their students into successful leaders.