top cyber security degree programs

Top Cyber Security Degree Programs

The more technological the world becomes, the greater the demand for tech-based careers. Cybersecurity is the study of how to make computers, databases, cell phones, etc. a little harder to hack or infiltrate. Cybersecurity is also a booming career right now.

Here’s a look at the top 5 cybersecurity degree programs, both online and on-campus, in no particular order.

Bellevue University Bellevue, NB

NSA/DHS Recognition
Overall Students: 8,000

Bellevue University offers both a bachelor of science and master of science in cybersecurity. It’s also labeled a “National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the NSA/DHS.” Additionally, Bellevue offers both on-campus and online programs, with undergraduate tuition ranging from about $300-$400 per credit hour for the 2017/2018 school year; graduate credit hours are about $500-$750.

Syracuse University Syracuse, NY

NSA/DHS Recognition
Overall Students: 20,000

Syracuse not only achieved NSA recognition but also ABET accreditation (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). Syracuse offers a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Information Security Management (ISM), as well as an online master’s of science in cybersecurity. Tuition for graduate programs is about $27,000. The CAS in ISM is a 15 credit certificate at the graduate level that can be taken alone or in conjunction with other graduate programs.

Wilmington University Newcastle, DE

NSA/DHS Recognition
Overall Students: 18,000

Wilmington University’s online and traditional bachelor of science (BAS) in computer and network security ranks top of the list for Best College’s online cybersecurity programs. Associate degree credits from accredited schools can be transferred to Wilmington programs. The university also offers a variety of related certificate programs (such as Digital Evidence Investigation) that allow students to receive additional certificates upon completion of the program.

Lewis University Romeoville, IL

NSA/DHS Recognition
Overall Students: 6,500

Lewis University not only offers traditional, but accelerated, classroom bachelor of art (BA) or science (BS) degrees in computer science, but also an online master of science degree the focuses specifically on cybersecurity operations. Lewis’ tuition is roughly $30,000 per year. Lewis’ programs rank consistently high across a variety of program classification sites, particularly when it comes to their online program.

Drexel University Philadelphia, PA

NSA/DHS Recognition
Overall Students: 25,000

In addition to their NSA/DHS recognition, Drexel is also ABET accredited. Drexel has multiple campuses and online programs. The university offers a BS in computing and security technology, intended for interested parties already in the workforce or who have already completed some school. Their online program allows students to concentrate on computing security or computing technology. It requires 188 credits, while students are allowed to transfer 113 credits. Drexel also offers both online and traditional master of science (MS) in Cybersecurity. Undergraduate tuition is roughly $50,000, and graduate programs cost about $1,228 per credit.

*Based on rankings by Cyber Degrees, Military Times, Best Colleges, Security Degree Hub, and Digital Guardian. Programs must have NSA recognition and make two or more of the above lists.

Last Updated: November 06, 2017