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10 Most Iconic School Uniforms

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, "Harry Potter" Series

Most of us have spent our whole childhoods waiting on an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. But let’s be honest – it wasn’t the spells or magical beasts that made us want to be a part of Harry Potter’s world; it was the cool school uniforms.

Although Hogwarts students wore robes and pointy hats throughout the entire Harry Potter book series, the film's wardrobe department decided to switch it up a bit from film to film. In the first couple of Harry Potter movies, Harry and his fellow Gryffindors sport scarlet and gold scarves with black robes. They switch to sweaters, white button-downs, and rugby stripe ties later on, but the Gryffindor colors are always incorporated. 

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Constance Billard School for Girls & St. Jude's School for Boys, "Gossip Girl"

Although the school uniforms on Gossip Girl are arguably the most iconic school uniforms in TV history (seriously, just look it up on Pinterest - people actually want to dress like this in real life), the school uniform itself is hard to depict. While each character has a unique twist on the traditional uniform, the boys typically sport white button-downs, ties, and khakis, while the girls typically rock a plaid skirt. 

The show's two main characters, Serena and Blair, never wear the same thing twice - and that includes the way they wear their school uniforms. Blair is known for dressing up her uniform in a classic way, with headbands, colorful tights, and Jimmy Choos - while Serena goes for the effortless, I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-look-this-flawless look, with knee-high boots, leather jackets, and loose curls. 

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Juuban Municipal Junior High School, "Sailor Moon"

Can you imagine a world - or more importantly, a Comic Con - without the Sailor Moon uniform? 

Usagi's school uniform is basically just a more school-appropriate version of her Sailor Moon uniform (aka the skirt is a lot longer), and it's pretty similar to what school uniforms in Japan actually look like. Her school uniform changes a bit as she enters high school, but it's the red, white, and blue sailor outfit the world knows and loves.

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School of Britney Spears, "One More Time" Music Video

Because really, what could ever be more iconic than Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" music video? It's pretty much impossible to go to a Halloween party, even 17 years after the video's release, without seeing a girl in a naughty schoolgirl costume with pink, fluffy pigtails.

Albert Einstein High School, "The Princess Diaries"

Ok, so the early 2000s fashion wasn't so great. The oversized blue plaid skirts were anything but flattering, but if they're not the first thing that pop in your head when you hear the name "Mia Thermopolis," you're lying (ok, other than that frizzy hair). 

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Chilton Preparatory School, "Gilmore Girls"

Who didn't spend the early 2000s wishing they had Rory Gilmore's life? This school uniform was very similar to the one in The Princess Diaries - really, really blue and not very fashion-forward - but Rory rocked those navy sweaters and blazers, all while working her way into Harvard and breaking Chad Michael Murray's heart. Impressive.

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Manchester Prep, "Cruel Intentions"

Although the main characters in Cruel Intentions were sans clothes more than they were in their actual school uniforms, the traditional schoolgirl uniform was pretty on point. In fact, Kathryn's school uniform was definitely the most realistic thing about the movie.

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St. Vladimir's Academy, "Vampire Academy"

Let's be honest: The only memorable thing about Vampire Academy was the chic school uniforms. Even Blair Waldorf would approve of the navy peplum blazers and sheer tights.

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Saint Finbars' and Hendon House Boarding School, "The Chronicles of Narnia"

Although they only wore their school uniforms for 0.02 seconds in the beginning of the second Narnia movie (not to mention their boarding schools are hardly ever even mentioned throughout the series), The Pevensie kids sure do rock the navy and maroon - which, mind you, is pretty hard to do. 

Horace Green Preparatory School, "School of Rock"

No one's ever rocked a school uniform better than the kids in "School of Rock" (yes, cheesy pun intended). While all of the children in this movie go through major transformations, it's their uniforms that get the real makeover - from preppy to rocker chic. 

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