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10 Senior Pranks That Went Too Far

The Prank That Got Everyone Fired

In Monroe County, Tennessee, 100 students were forbidden from attending graduation, the principal was suspended indefinitely, and the school resource officer was fired after a group of students poured urine and baby oil on the floors, dumped out trash cans, and released live crickets and chickens into the school. The resource officer let the students into the building. For the first people to enter the school, the students set traps with marbles.

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Ladybug Infestation

In Maryland this year, a couple of students filled their school with over 72,000 lady bugs. When breaking into school at 3:30 am, the students triggered a silent alarm, alerting police to the situation. Seven students were forced to clean up the swarms of insects, as well as being charged with fourth degree burglary and disruption of school activities.

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Penis on the Football Field

After spraying a giant male reproductive organ into the athletic grounds with weed killer, a student was banned from walking at graduation at Nature Coast Technical High School in Brooksville, Florida. The ceremony was scheduled to take place on the football field the very next day. In order to cover up the prank, staff used green spray paint to hide the dead grass.

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Students Cause Thousands of Dollars in Damages

At Riverside-Brookfield High School in Chicago, students defiled school property, spray painting obscene statements and scattering trash around the school grounds. Also, four live chickens were left in a baby crib outside of the school. The clean-up cost the school $3,500. Principal Pam Bylsma called the incident "immature, vulgar, insulting, hurtful, and destructive."

Introduction to Forestry

When students in Wentzville, Missouri attempted to uproot three large trees from the surrounding grounds and replant them on the school’s softball field, they ended up permanently destroying the trees in what was deemed an act of eco-terrorism. The students involved were all arrested on charges of vandalism and destruction of property.

Hidden Clock Signals Bomb Threat

At a North Carolina school earlier this year, students thought that it would be funny to hide alarm clocks inside lockers across the campus. However, when the ticking was heard, it was taken as a bomb threat. Police were called in and everyone was evacuated from the building. Multiple students were taken in for questioning.

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Raw Justice

Some students feel the need to replace their lack of creativity with destruction when it comes to their senior pranks. In Teaneck, New Jersey, the students turned over desks, urinated on carpets and in hallways, smeared Vaseline on door handles, and taped uncooked hot dogs to the lockers. The 63 students cost the school thousands in damages and were all arrested on a variety of charges.

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Manure + Maple Syrup = Too Much

Speaking of gross pranks, students in a Roswell, New Mexico school covered the halls with manure and maple syrup, as well as damaging furniture and lining the bulk of the campus with toilet paper. The students responsible were caught just down the street from the school. Classes were cancelled while the mess was cleaned up, and the students were banned from their graduation.

(Image via Roswell Daily Record)

Gross Pranks with Collateral Damage

In Dekalb County, Alabama, a group of students made headlines when they spread so much chicken feces and trash across campus that the school had to close early for the year in order to clean up. One band director was suspended by the district because of her enraged comments about the incident to her students.

Arts and Crafts

In Jamestown, New York, six students tied locker doors together with string, threw glitter around the building, and scattered several reams of paper around the hallways. The school did not take their prank lightly, nor did the local police department who arrested the students involved. They may have gotten away with it, had they not alerted the authorities by bragging about their escapades on Twitter.