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30 Things We All (Regrettably) Wore to School in the Early 2000s

Popcorn Shirts

We’re not sure why these shirts were ever popular, but they were. The strange texture definitely added to their appeal, especially when they were paired with low-rise jeans or a mini denim skirt. Nowadays, if you want texture, it’s better to go for some faux suede. 
(Image via rhonda.mason)

Pants With a Message on the Butt

There was a time when you couldn’t walk down a school hallway without seeing lots of girls butts that were emblazoned with messages, like “PINK” or “Sexy.” Unfortunately, we did not realize at the time that writing the word “sexy” on something actually makes it infinitely less sexy. 
(Image via Elite Daily)

Sequin Purses

If you didn’t have an ostentatious sequined purse over your shoulder in middle school, you were the odd girl out. Everything you ever needed was in this purse, like your Razr and too-dark foundation. Thankfully, the only sequin accessories that are popular today are clutches. 
(Image via alsipadventures)

Pocketless Jeans

We like to joke about how women’s jeans don’t have pockets, and they really don’t. That being said, the two inches of pocket we currently have is better than the pocketless trash girls wore during the early 2000s. Where are we going to put our loose change?

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Airbrushed T-Shirts

Vacations and school road trips were never complete without a signature airbrushed t-shirt to remember the trip by. You likely chose some crazy colors, a wild animal, and a generic quote to create your special, hundred-of-a-kind t-shirt. A better souvenir option for your next vacay? Photos. 
(Image via itp_atl)

Juicy Couture Tracksuits

Everyone from movie stars ("Happy hour is from 4 to 6!") to teenage girls could not get enough of the Juicy Couture velour tracksuits. They were comfortable, chic (or so we thought), and could be worn even when nothing else in your closet fit! Thankfully, we now have yoga leggings for that very purpose. 
(Image via _misslaurynelaine_)

Skirts Over Jeans

Skirts over jeans should never have happened. It usually looked incredibly ridiculous. Some people could pull off mini dresses over jeans since they were basically tunics in the early 2000s, but other than that? No.

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Remember when everyone tried to see how many of those Livestrong (or any other cause) bracelets they could fit on their arm? No one really knew or cared about the causes they represented because those bracelets were the epitome of chic, but now we’ll take some Lily & Laura bracelets instead. 
(Image via kristinacorrado)

Skin-Tight Tube Tops

As soon as the weather started warming up around May or June, nearly every teenage girl pulled out her collection of skin-tight tube tops to rock at the mall, lake, or wherever to show off those shoulders. (Strapless bra optional) Today, this look would never fly. Tube tops are out and crop tops are in! 
(Image via no1drabuzine)

Tattoo Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces are making a comeback, so it's better to embrace them. Teen girls wore them because they looked “edgy” and cool, but the ones from the early 2000s were kind of a pain because they would pinch your skin.
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Trucker Hats (Especially Von Dutch)

Von Dutch trucker hats were highly coveted by every teenage girl in the early 2000s, but none of us would be caught dead wearing one now. These hats were perfect for covering up roots and bad hair days (hello, dry shampoo), but the only unfortunate part was that they weren’t allowed in school. 
(Image via vondutchfashion)

Ultra Low-Rise Jeans

High-rise and mid-rise jeans are the most popular styles now, but back in the day, you would get made fun of if you didn’t succumb to the low-rise jean trend. These jeans allowed you to show off a little skin (and possibly your underwear) at school without getting in trouble, so naturally, you wore them nearly every day. 
(Image via kylanftu)

Jelly Bracelets

Jelly bracelets weren’t even comfortable, but for school kids, nothing was cooler. Kids wore them for a couple of reasons. The first was because they were pretty. The second was a possible rumor – each color corresponded to a sexual act. How scandalous!

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Layered Tanks

Most girls’ clothing is super thin, so a tank top under a shirt is totally fine. What wasn’t fine was when girls would wear three or four tank tops at once. That’s too many tank tops for comfort.

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Every girl in the 2000s, whether in school or not, wore Uggs. Were they comfortable? Yes. Were they stylish? No. They were never stylish, and it’s time we stop fooling ourselves into thinking they were.  

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Have you ever put on a pair of jeans and thought, “Boy, I wish these were a lot more flow-y!” Us neither. At least they were breezy on a hot day. Then again, there was the whole thing about them stopping just below the knee. I’m sorry, what?

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Happy Bunny Merch

There were a ton of trends during the early 2000s like Bobby Jack, but the worst of them was Happy Bunny. It wasn’t sassy. It was just highlighting a crappy personality with childish catchphrases.

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Visible Undies

Even in school girls wore low-rise jeans with their underwear sticking out. Sometimes it was a thong, but most moms were against thongs—for a good reason.

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Denim on Denim

Denim is amazing, so no hate on the material. Denim on denim, however, was one of the biggest mistakes of the late ‘90s and early 2000s. It’s just as bad as wearing the same pattern head to toe.

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Birkenstock Clogs

When you tell someone you’re wearing a clog, no one pictures Birkenstocks, but that’s exactly what they are. They weren’t attractive, but they were convenient, so why not? As ugly as they were, they were comfy.

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Butterfly Clips

Yes, butterfly clips started in the ‘90s, but they stuck around until the early 2000s. They helped keep hair out of our face, but they’re now widely regarded as one of the worst hair accessories out there.

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Return to Tiffany Bracelets

You know what’s a bad trend? A $300 plain, chain bracelet with big links. Return to Tiffany bracelets were huge, but you could have gotten the same thing from a local jeweler for a lot cheaper. It just wouldn’t have the Tiffany logo.

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Bucket Hats

Almost every girl couldn’t be caught outside without a bucket hat. That’s mostly thanks to Nickelodeon shows where pretty much all the girls wore bucket hats. Lindsey McGuire was also a big proponent of them.

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Silly Bands

Silly bands were a ridiculous waste of plastic. They came in little shapes, but that didn’t matter because they were always stretched around the wrist. Then, they were just a squiggly bracelet.

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Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy merch began to pop up in the early 2000s, and it stuck around for far, far too long. We get the original draw, but it lost its appeal after everyone and their uncle wore it.  

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Frosted Lip Gloss

Every single girl owned two lip products: Lip Smackers and Frosted Lip Gloss. We’re not going to hate on it. Frosted lip gloss was pretty great, and it’s even coming back as a trend.  

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Fake Hair Scrunchies

Have you ever seen one of these things in the wild? Seeing a fake hair scrunchy sitting on a sidewalk will make you wonder if it’s a dead animal. Nope! Just a hair scrunchie—literally plastic hair.  

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Seashell Necklaces

Puka shell and seashell necklaces were the height of fashion in the 2000s for both boys and girls. Girls would usually wear a choker, which naturally went with the plastic tattoo choker.  

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Hair Chopsticks

Chopsticks are an eating utensil. They aren’t for putting in your hair. The difference between hair sticks and chopsticks is that hair sticks are way shorter—about two or three inches. Plus, chopsticks are usually super splintery.

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Flashy Belts

Belts with spikes were bad enough, but the ones with words that were encrusted with jewels were far worse. A detailed belt buckle works for a cowboy, but the average high school girl? Nah, son.

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