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America's Best Performing Private Schools for Girls

A high school that prepares students for college can make a difference in the rest of a child’s life. Choosing an all girls school comes with some great benefits not found in coeducational schools -- namely, the curriculum is designed around the explicit needs of girls. When you start looking at private schools, you want to know you’re paying for. Here’s a look at the 5 highest ranked* all girls private schools in the United States. 

#1 Winsor School, Boston, MA

Winsor School in Boston ranks among the best private schools in the nation -- not just girls’ schools. It’s no wonder; they’ve had more than 230 years to perfect their methods. Founded in 1886, Winsor School accepts teaches students from fifth to twelfth grade and has a 5:1 student teacher ratio. Their student body has less than roughly 500 students out of 60 different Boston-area communities. 

#2 Castilleja School, Palo Alto, CA

Castilleja School hopped up several spots in recent years to slip into second. Dedicated to “educating young women and cultivating young leaders,” girls can start attending this school in sixth grade. Also under 500 students, Castilleja was founded in 1907 and is the only all girls school in the area. With a 9:1 student teacher ratio and students who express they feel prepared to enter college, it’s a great fit for hardworking young women. 

#3 National Cathedral School, Washington DC

National Cathedral School  has existed for over 100 years serving grades four through twelve. It’s student body is closer to 600, but the student teacher ratio is still a reassuring 8:1. This is a school that not only wants to prepare the next generation of girls, but to empower them. Its students are impressed by more than their school -- they’re impressed by each other. That’s something all women could use more of. 

#4 The Hockaday School, Dallas, TX

The Hockaday School starts before kindergarten and prepares girls all the way to the college gates. It’s not only the largest day school for girls in the nation, but also the largest boarding school (accepting students eighth grade and up). They boast more than 1,000 students -- a far cry from the original ten when Ela Hockaday opened the doors -- with a 9:1 student teacher ratio. Their goal is to help girls prepare for college and the “positions of responsibility and leadership” that come afterwards. 

#5 Marlborough, Los Angeles, CA

Marlborough School in LA encompasses girls from seventh through twelfth grade. Founded in 1889, they have just over 500 students with an 8:1 student teacher ratio. It’s competitive, rigorous, vibrant, and full of girls working hard to go beyond the mold they were poured into, in everything from the arts to the sciences to athletics. 

*Data taken from “2017 Best All-Girls High Schools in America” at, a website devoted to ranking schools using “rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents. Ranking factors include SAT/ACT scores, the quality of colleges that students consider, student-teacher ratio, private school ratings, and more. Data sourced from the U.S. Department of Education, Niche users, and the schools directly.

Last Updated: July 28, 2017