Teacher watches a young student write on the chalkboard

Benefits of a Boarding School Education

There are obviously going to be pros and cons for every style of schooling, and boarding school is not exempt from this. Yet, here are some highly compelling academic and social benefits of sending your child to boarding school, and if these things are important to you and your child, boarding school could be a great option. Boarding school will prepare your child for whatever their future holds by teaching them responsibility through endless opportunities, an unbeatable environment, and more.


By sending your child to a boarding school, you are providing him/her with a good transition into the real world after high school. Your child won’t be living at home, so he/she will have to learn how to be responsible for his/her own grades and physical and mental well-being. The teachers at boarding schools are more like mentors than babysitters, so they’ll help guide your child, but they will still allow your child to make his/her own decisions and learn from those choices like actual adults.

More Opportunities

Most boarding schools are very selective and have high academic standards, so your child will have to go above and beyond to succeed. As a result of the academic rigor, your child will be more prepared to take college entrance exams and will hopefully achieve a great score. Boarding schools are highly regarded all over the world, so having that school on your child’s resume can help him/her get accepted into the college of his/her choice. Not to mention, boarding schools generally have very large endowments, so your child will have more opportunities for study abroad and similar activities.

Enthusiastic Teachers and Pupils

The main aspect that helps keep up the focus on excellence is the enthusiasm of the teachers and students alike. Boarding schools traditionally hire teachers who have advanced degrees in their fields, so they are typically passionate about their subject and eager to spread that knowledge. Since boarding schools are selective, students have to possess a passion for learning to even get accepted. Being surrounded by peers and mentors who are passionate about academics will encourage your child to love his/her studies as well.

Top-Notch Facilities

A constant struggle of public schools is the lack of funding to improve their facilities, like renovating the old high school gym or adding on to the elementary school when the class sizes grow. At boarding schools, similar to private schools, this is not the case. The classrooms, dormitories, and other facilities will almost always be as good or better than the best universities in the country. A large part of the school’s endowment and tuition goes towards constant improvement, so your child will always be able to learn in the best environment possible.

Last Updated: June 13, 2017