Private school students have a meeting with their teacher

Benefits of a Private School Education

To send your child to private school or to not? That is the question. Most people have strong opinions on whether or not private school is better than public, but only you can really know if private education is a good fit for your child and the goals you want him or her to achieve. While making that decision, consider these benefits of private school that your child may not receive through a public education.

High Standards

Unlike public school, which can be a gamble in terms of academic and behavioral standards, you can generally count on private schools to expect excellence in both grades and mannerisms. Most private schools have more challenging graduation requirements, which will in turn prepare your student for the demands of college. Private schools also have the liberty to remove students who do not behave in an acceptable way, so it’s far more likely that your child will learn in a distraction-free environment.

Student-Teacher Ratio

Private schools typically have significantly smaller class sizes than public schools, so your child will have the opportunity for more one-on-one interaction with teachers. Since there are fewer students, your child will also receive more effective and thorough help if he or she is struggling in any area. Plus, throughout your child’s time in school, he or she will be surrounded by the same group of classmates, so it will be easier to form lasting, quality friendships with peers.

Different Educational Approaches

There are religious-affiliated, Montessori, STEM, arts-based, and many more styles of private education. Since private schools have the freedom to devise their own curriculums, you can find a school that fits your own educational philosophy and what you want your child to achieve. If your child has a gift or talent in a certain subject, a specialized private school can help hone in on those skills, which will provide your child with more opportunities to succeed after graduation.

Parental Involvement

Parental communication and involvement is a huge priority at most private schools, so social events such as parent-teacher conferences and family fundraising activities are held frequently. Being involved in your child’s school can do wonders for your child’s academic success and the relationship you have with your child. Another benefit is that since you are involved in the ins and outs of the school, you’ll have more of a say in school policies. The school wants parents involved, so they care whether or not you agree with how they handle different situations.

Last Updated: June 13, 2017