Cost of Tutoring

There are several options when hiring a tutor. Private tutors, learning centers, and online tutoring are all available. Some local public libraries may offer volunteer tutoring programs for free, often with a one-on-one approach. While cost is a determining factor, you want to find a solution that will best fit your child’s needs and will lead to success.

Private Tutors

A private tutor’s fee will depend on your location, the cost of living, and the tutor's level of expertise and education as well as the subject matter. The cost of a private tutor varies throughout the country, but the median hourly rate is $16.00. One of the advantages of private tutoring is that they may negotiate the fees. Local newspapers and online job sites will list ads for private tutors. There are also online tutor matching services.

By using private tutors, you are usually getting a highly qualified teacher with expertise in their field of study. Private tutoring offers the child one-on-one attention, and the relaxing atmosphere of working from home can help the child get a better understanding of the subject.

Learning Centers

There are many local and national learning centers available. Learning centers usually have set rates and less flexibility than a private tutor. Franchised learning centers, on the other hand, may have a little more flexibility, since pricing is at the discretion of the owner. The individual tutors are screened and trained for you and may offer a money back guarantee. Learning centers usually have the child work in a small group along with the teacher.

Since there are overhead costs that need to be figured into the rates, learning center rates may be higher than expected. Learning centers typically charge $40 to $70 per hour and may require a minimum numbers of hours per week.

Online Tutors

Online tutoring for your child you may prove to be a less expensive approach. The cost of online tutoring can vary as much as other tutoring plans. If your child only needs help on some math problems or on a particular English assignment, this type of arrangement may be ideal. An online tutor can charge as little as $15 per hour to more than $30 per hour. There are online tutoring services that offer monthly fees, while others charge by the minute. When purchasing a monthly plan, it is usually a flat fee for a set amount of hours. The monthly flat fee can range from $30 for one hour or more than $150 for eight sessions per month.

Choosing a tutoring method is not an easy job. Careful consideration of the needs of the child as well as the cost must be taken into consideration.