Young students wait in the lunch line in the cafeteria

Does Your Child Qualify for a Free and Reduced Lunch Program?

So, you think that your child would benefit from a free and reduced lunch program. With all of the complicated tax lingo, it’s difficult to know whether or not you qualify. There are several factors which come into play, but the largest one by far is how much money your family brings home combined, compared to the amount of people it aims to support. However, if you're already receiving unemployment benefits or are a part of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), then your child is already eligible for reduced school lunches.

As found on the U.S. Government Publishing Office website, there is a bracket that matches your net income with the number of people in your household to determine eligibility. For example, for the 2015-2016 school year, if you have a family of five that is supported by $52,559 or less annually, then you will qualify for a free and reduced lunch program.

It's important to always fill out the application your child receives at the beginning of the school year, as you may be entitled to benefits that you aren’t aware of. It doesn’t hurt to apply.

Last Updated: September 04, 2015

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