A young student wears a school uniform in front of a chalk board

The Case for School Uniforms

So, your school is thinking about requiring uniforms?  You should consider yourself lucky. Here’s why:

Less Division, More Community

First of all, it makes one less division for kids to latch onto. Anyone who has ever found themselves anywhere near a junior high school knows at least one simple truth: kids are mean. If you aren’t wearing precisely what is in vogue at that particular moment, you’re putting yourself at risk for ridicule. This creates unshakable barriers between people who might otherwise be great friends. Not to mention, any time tension can be alleviated in the school setting is a choice opportunity to focus on more pressing matters. That being said, uniforms in schools can help pave the way to an atmosphere of community in and out of the classroom.


School uniforms can save parents a lot of money, especially if they are implemented throughout an entire educational career of a child. School uniforms are often simple and easy to find, which means that they are cheaper and more accessible than keeping up with the latest trends. In some cases, uniforms are actually provided by the school. This is one less burden for low-income families to worry about.

Less Distraction

It’s much easier to focus on schoolwork when everyone is dressed the same way, because you don’t have to worry about trying to stand out. On multiple occasions, Hillary Clinton has spoken out in favor of school uniforms, stressing the importance of removing it as a distraction from learning: "Take that [clothing choices] off the table and put the focus on school, not on what you're wearing."  School uniforms send the message that no matter where you are coming from, we are all unified by the same goal: to better ourselves through education. This will allow students to pour their energy into their studies in order to unlock a wide variety of opportunities for the future.

Last Updated: August 27, 2015