Websites that will help you learn english vocabulary

10 Websites That Will Help You Learn English Vocabulary

Even if you’re a native speaker, having a vast vocabulary can seem unimportant for everyday life—but did you know there are several benefits to having a great vocabulary? Not only does it sharpen your communication skills, but it can also improve your chance of success. Whether you’re just learning English as a second language, or you’ve known it all your life, here are 10 sites to help you build your vocab.

1. has a wide range of vocabulary games to help you expand your vocab, whether you’re in kindergarten or studying for the SAT. The site believes that the best way to learn is through doing, so each game is designed to teach while making the player participate in certain activities. Some of these activities including unscrambling words, matching definitions, and filling in the blank. There’s also a variety of subjects that include idioms, suffixes, phonics, and so much more.

2. Vocab Sushi

While the format may look outdated, it’s perfect for someone looking to expand what they know. This site has a quiz format where you guess the word that completes the sentence. The sentences come from actual books and articles. Every example is linked, and you can read the actual passage. Gain points as you work to improve your vocab level. This site is perfect for the beginner to the professional.

3. VocabGrabber

Sometimes when you pick up a book, and it seems like the author’s goal is to use words that people hardly ever see. Well, VocabGrabber is a great website to help you break down these texts and learn from them. At this site, you enter the text you are reading and it will automatically generate a list of useful vocab words. From there, VocabGrabber will automatically display the words so you can research their definition, uses, and examples.

4. Wordnik

If quizzes aren’t your thing, and you’re looking for something different, Wordnik is the perfect website for you. This blog is dedicated to finding words that aren’t used regularly and teaching others the various ways they  are used in a sentence. On Wordnik, you’ll learn about the definition of the word from more than one dictionary, examples of its use, stats, and anything else it may have on the word.

5. Visuwords

Visuwords is an online graphical dictionary, meaning it turns words into interactive flash graphics. This method makes this site perfect for visual learners. Visuwords works by displaying a term and then showing how it links to other words. For example, smudge is another word for “blot” or “spot.”  Following the graphic along, the user can find that blot or spot is a kind of smear. The graphic even shows whether the word is a verb, noun, adjective, or adverb. Visuwords is sure to help improve your vocabulary whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

6. Tyrannosaurus Prep

Tyrannosaurus Prep looks like something for a child, but don’t be fooled. These difficult words are geared toward preparing  you specifically for the SAT and the GRE (Graduate Record Examination). The quiz works by displaying a definition at the top and five word choices below. The goal, obviously, is to match the correct word with the definition. If you get enough right, your level will increase, and the words become more difficult.

7. Magoosh GRE Vocab Builder

Even if you don’t plan to take the GRE, Magoosh’s GRE Vocab Builder is a fantastic website to build your vocabulary to an advanced level. The GRE is known for choosing tough words that the average person probably doesn’t know or use on a regular basis. By studying these terms, you’ll be well prepared for the test and have a fantastic grasp on language.

8. Vocabulary

Of course, one of the best resources for learning new words is going to be a website that is literally called “vocabulary.” Not only can you create your own quizzes, but you can also take tests from other creators. There are more than 500,000 lists for you to explore, ranging from all skill levels. Whether you’re studying for the SAT or just beginning, Vocabulary is a perfect site for you.

9. Marriam-Webster Vocab Quiz

Marriam-Webster, the publisher of one of the most popular dictionaries on the market, created a quiz for you to figure out the strength of your vocabulary. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. This quiz is pretty difficult. It starts out with words that are easy, but the more you get right, the more difficult the words become. The quiz is extremely addictive and each time you take it, different terms are displayed. Can you get the top score?

10. Knoword

Knoword is a beautiful website with a simple concept. Choose the difficulty you want and then guess the word based on the definition that shows up on the left of your screen. If you aren’t sure of the word, a green bar elongates under the word, signifying when you have the correct letter. A correct answer will get you 20 points, but a skipped question will take away 10. Good luck!

Last Updated: July 07, 2017