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4 Language Learning Apps You Need to Download ASAP

Whether you’re just beginning to learn a language or you need a refresher, it can be pricey to pay for tutors or advanced language learning software programs. These language learning apps are a great way for people to start or continue learning a language for cheap. Read about the features and benefits of each one.

  1. Duolingo
    One of the most popular and more well-known language learning apps, Duolingo is easy to use and designed to fit your schedule and make learning a language fun. When you start out, you’ll be asked whether you’re a beginner or whether you want to take a placement test. The placement test only takes about five minutes, and tests you on how well you translate from English to another language. Duolingo also asks you how much time you want to devote to your learning each day, so it enables you to learn at your own pace. Duolingo offers language training in over 20 languages, and it was named the Apple App of the Year in 2013.
  2. Rosetta Course
    A modified version of the full Rosetta Stone Software, Rosetta Course, offers users new mobility to the old system. Rosetta Stone has dominated the language learning software market for a while, but this app helps them get into the app market. Many people love the Rosetta Stone model and swear that Rosetta Stone helps you become fluent quicker. With a great reputation comes a higher price tag, though. The first handful of lessons will be free, but eventually the app will require you to make purchases if you want to continue your learning. This is a great app for serious users, but if you’re just brushing up, a different app may be the way to go.
  3. Busuu
    Busuu offers fewer languages than either Duolingo or Rosetta stone, but it focuses much more on helping you learn a language when you’re visiting another country. When you start out, you can select from different levels, or you can go to the travel course, and it will teach you basic skills and words that you’ll likely use while traveling. Like Rosetta Stone, Busuu is only free until you reach a certain level, and the grammar portion of language learning is only available if you buy the premium package. Still, Busuu allows you interactive sessions and individualized goal settings that may be best if your language learning is more short-term than long-term.
  4. Learn by MindSnacks
    Although much more geared toward children, MindSnacks offers several different game-based language learning apps. Although it’s only available for 6 languages, MindSnacks will help your kids learn languages while playing games that will get them hooked. Each MindSnacks language is separated into different apps, and there are also MindSnacks apps for other subjects, like English vocabulary, geography, and math. MindSnacks can be great for all ages, but the semi-ridiculous cartoon characters may make you hesitate from using it too much in public if you’re over age 12.