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5 Jobs You Can Get With a Public Administration Degree

“What are you going to do with that?"

This is the question many people are asked when they tell someone what they are studying in school. And if your response is typically “I’m not really sure yet,” then maybe it’s time to study up on what other people are doing within your field. Here are a few of the paths chosen by students of public administration.

Policy Advisor

Policy advisors typically work within the federal government, aiding in the decisions that affect the masses. These are the people behind the scenes who direct the politicians creating new policy. They’re usually hired by nonprofit organizations, lobbying groups, or other government agencies to ensure that vested interests are being attended to.

People coming into this line of work with a background in public administration will typically need to earn a master’s degree, but they will have an average national salary of $63,790 - $122,760.

Budget Analyst

In a similar vein to policy advisors, budget analysts work to serve the people. They work with a government agency or corporation to ensure that money is being used as efficiently as possible, and that it is being saved when able. As a budget analyst, you will make sure that a company is staying on track by sticking to the plan they created at the beginning of the year. While budget analysts also need to have a graduate degree, they won’t make as much money as their policy advisor counterparts (with a salary range of $54,730- $84,960).

City Planner

These are the people working in local government to ensure that a community is running smoothly. City planners work out the intricate details that go along with building placement, water and electrical systems, and many other issues that most people assume is simply put there by magic. Without city planners, society would crumble into anarchy.

Executive Assistant

These are the people who actually run the show. Executive assistants make sure everything is in order for corporate executives to be able to maintain a successful business. This can include everything from managing schedules to creating the necessary document to make sure that everything is benefiting the common goals of the company. It’s a job that is important, but you will not always get the recognition that you deserve.

Social Worker

Of the jobs on this list, this is the one with the most direct exposure to helping people. Social workers have a difficult position, mainly because there are so many variables that alter the outcome of their day. In general, social workers help people who have fallen on hard times: drug addiction, domestic abuse, poverty. They help equip these people with the tools needed to build better lives for themselves. When you think about it, they’re pretty much superheroes.

Last Updated: September 02, 2015