Employees with social science degrees work together on a team project

5 Jobs You Can Get With a Social Science Degree

There are several disciplines within the social sciences. Regardless of your area of study, you’ve probably been asked what you were going to do with a social science degree.

The option to teach on a secondary or post-secondary level is always available, but your versatile degree can open up several career opportunities. Are you wondering what you can do with your social science degree? Check out these five popular social science professions.

Social Worker
Average salary: $40,970 - $42,120

Social workers are dedicated to improving lives and helping others through difficult times. While a degree in social work is preferred, some agencies will hire graduates with a similar degree, such as psychology or sociology.  Social workers tend to work within a specialization; for example, many social workers assist children and families, but the demand for social work with the elderly has increased. With positions in rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities, and schools, a social work degree can open many doors. 

Average salary: $89,450

While some universities put the study of economics under their college of business, many consider it to be a social science. Regardless of the classification, an economics degree can get you far. Aside from a job as a pure economist, you can find work as a financial planner, advisor, or business analyst. Applying economics requires a deep understanding of applied mathematics and the ability to “translate” economic data for clients.

Market Research Analyst
Average salary: $60,800

Market research analysts help determine whether something will be received well by consumers. These analysts use their extensive knowledge of human behavior, combined with a variety of methods, to gauge public opinion. Thanks to the widespread availability of the internet, many analysts have turned to online polling, but in-person tests with targeted focus groups are still the popular method. The need for market research analysts stretches beyond corporate product testing; it’s common for political campaigns to use them to see how well the public perceives a candidate. These analysts can also find work in the entertainment industry to predict how a move or television show will be received by audiences.

Average salary: $54,240

Do you have a passion for studying other cultures? You might want to become an anthropologist. Anthropologists combine a love of culture with biology and history to gain a greater understanding of specific societies. If you have an anthropology degree, you’d be happy to know that the demand is growing. As our society becomes more global, people with a background in anthropology can be a vital component of any organization.

Social Psychologist
Average salary: Between $68,640 - $89,900

 A social psychologist is a researcher at heart, but like a regular psychologist, he or she works with people to collect data for their projects. People lacking patience and fine communication skills should consider other positions, as social psychologists often interact with people as a mediator or counselor. However, this career path isn’t solely focused on personal interactions with others; you’ll also need to be comfortable with data analysis and statistics conducting research. Entry-level social psychologist jobs will require a bachelor’s degree and psychologist licensure, but unlike the other careers on our list, this career path will require further education and certification to advance. If you want a pay raise and a promotion, you should pursue a master’s or Ph.D degree. 

Last Updated: July 25, 2017