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5 Writing Jobs You Can Get With a Creative Writing Degree

When you tell people you’re a Creative Writing major, they’ll either assume that you won’t have a secure job after college or that you’ll end up being a college professor (not that it’s a bad job).

Contrary to popular belief, there are many exciting jobs available after earning a bachelor’s degree that are in your field and pay just as much (if not more) than jobs open to other majors.

1. Television Writer

There are two primary types of television writers: nonfiction and fiction. For nonfiction, you work on scripts for documentaries and news programs, almost like a journalist. You interview subjects and conduct research for stories, then you compose scripts for newscasters, television hosts, and filmmakers. If you’re a fiction writer, you devise characters, situations, and dialogue for television shows, like The Big Bang Theory or Vampire Diaries.

2. Game Writer

A lot of people don’t think about the amount of writing that goes into video games, but someone has to write that cheesy dialogue and turn those CGI’s into believable characters! In addition to writing dialogue, game writers also help with the rest of the creative process, including graphics, story sequences, and more.

3. Fashion Editor

If you have a passion for fashion in addition to writing, you can acquire a job as a fashion editor for a magazine or website. It may not be exactly like what you saw in The Devil Wears Prada, but you will still get to decide what trends to feature each month. You’ll communicate with fashion designers, stylists, and photographers to come up with overall visions, story ideas, and photo shoots.

4. Greeting Card Writer

In this type of job, you have to work on creating humorous, emotional, or consoling greeting card content. Most greeting card writers work for greeting card companies, but you can also find these jobs as a freelance writer. You’ll need to work on packing quite a punch into a just a few lines, but it will be highly rewarding once you nail it.

5. Script Supervisor

Attention to detail is key to this job because you are in charge of maintaining continuity in the script and in the filming of movies or television shows. You coordinate between all of the departments that are involved in the filmmaking process and keep the cast and crew up to date on script modifications through written daily reports.

Last Updated: July 24, 2017