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6 Ways to Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can seem like a difficult task, but with today’s technology, it may be more simple than you think. There are many reasons that people would like to learn a new language: for work, travel, an added air of sophistication, or just for the sake of intellectual expansion. Whatever your reasons for choosing to learn a new language, it is interesting to note that studies have shown by learning a secondary language, you can actually increase the functioning of your brain.

Getting started on your journey of language learning is as easy as locating the right language program for you and your learning style. There are tons of great language learning software available online or for your mobile device.

  1. Duolingo
    Duolingo is a fun and effective way to learn a new language in a game format. That simply means that it has turned learning into an exciting game that offers points, hot streaks, and bonus lessons. In the program, you will learn to speak and interpret, as well as read and translate the chosen language through lesson modules covering basic words and phrases all the way up to advanced lessons. It includes multiple choice questions, pictures, speak-into-the-mic opportunities, and a discussion forum for each individual question in the lessons. This can be done online or on your mobile Android or iOS device.
  2. Busuu is an online interactive way to learn languages. They currently offer seven different languages to choose from. The lessons use audio, combined with text, to show what the spelling is for the spoken words. They also incorporate dialogs and practice writing exercises to increase fluidity. A community hosted by the website allows for interaction with native speakers for immersion in the learning process.
  3. Language101
    If you want to learn basic parts of a language, there are plenty of Language101 courses out there.
  4. iTunes
    iTunes offers audio and video podcasts that are specifically for learning introductory vocabulary, go-to travel phrases, and the “necessities” for your basic communication needs.
  5. OpenCulture
    OpenCulture hosts a list of websites that offer lessons for over 40 different languages. The languages range from Arabic to Yiddish and use various mediums for learning such as podcasts, YouTube videos, and interactive features.
  6. FreeLanguage
    FreeLanguage features over 90 different languages to learn with various mediums for teaching depending on the choice of language. If browsing through the many forms of media and links is too time consuming for you, they have software options available for some of the languages.

No matter your style of learning, these programs and websites will be all that you need to get started on learning a new and exciting language.

Last Updated: September 04, 2015