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7 Spotify Stations Perfect for Studying

There’s no doubt that while you may love jamming out to Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry in your car or at the club, that style of music isn’t very helpful when you’re cramming for your chemistry final. Listening to rain or thunderstorm sounds can help, but sometimes you’ll get bored and will still want to listen to real music for the duration of your inevitable all-nighter.

Well, here’s your solution: Seven fantastic Spotify stations that were created specifically to help you concentrate and ace your next exam, finish your homework, or give you that coffee-like boost you were looking for.

  1. Intense Studying 
    Created by: Spotify

When you’re about to reach for that 17th cup of coffee at 2 a.m., stop yourself and tune into this playlist instead. You’ll find an abundance of upbeat classical music, including Bach, Mozart, and Dvorak, that’s perfect for keeping your mind focused.

  1. Acoustic Concentration 
    Created by: Spotify

Acoustic guitar lovers rejoice! This lyric-free acoustic station is sure to calm your nerves (even during a timed online exam) with twenty-four enjoyable, mellow tracks from artists like Tommy Emmanuel, Billy McLaughlin, and Phil Keaggy.

  1. Vitamin String Quartet 
    Created by: brownmab

This playlist is perfect for you if you like to listen to popular, familiar music, but get distracted by the lyrics. You probably know almost every song on this playlist, from “Happy” to “Stay with Me,” and they’re all exquisitely performed on violins.

  1. Your Favorite Coffeehouse 
    Created by: Spotify

The songs in this playlist do have lyrics, but the melodies are so relaxing that you won’t even notice. You really will feel like you’re drinking a french vanilla latte at your local coffee shop while listening to the likes of Jack Johnson and Joshua Radin.

  1. Deep Focus 
    Created by: Spotify

No matter where you’re studying, this playlist will transport you to your happy place. Only five minutes before class and you’re trying to flip through some last-minute notecards? No problem. These pacifying, mood-boosting songs will get you through it.

  1. Creativity Boost 
    Created by: Spotify

Sometimes writer’s block can seem unavoidable and you just want to quit. Before you do, give this playlist a shot. You’re sure to get at least a little inspiration from these innovative tracks by Muse, Beck, and more.

  1. A Soft Jazz Backdrop 
    Created by: Spotify

Even if jazz isn’t something you want to listen to every day, it may be the perfect music for your study sessions. Focus comes easy when you have Duke Ellington or Miles Davis serenading you in the background.

Last Updated: June 21, 2017