7 Terms to Know When Pursuing an Online Psychology Degree

Pursuing an online psychology degree often requires a bit of research on these specific kinds of classes. If you're thinking about taking psychology courses online, you'll want to be aware of some common terms and phrases that you're likely to encounter when furthering your education.

1. Tuition

As you go about the process of signing up for online psychology courses, you'll encounter this term. Tuition is the amount of money you pay per semester for your education. In order to attract more students, an online school may provide students with options for financial aid. This can help to reduce tuition costs for students.

2. BS in Psychology

This is a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Generally, it takes a student four years to earn a bachelor's degree with a focus on the subject of psychology. However, students who take online courses can sometimes earn their degree in less time. An online course offers you focused study that enables you to get through the material a little faster than a student who attends classes at a traditional college.

3. Distance Learning

This term refers to studying via the Internet. Today, a student doesn't have to be in the same room as an instructor to earn a degree in psychology. A student receives instruction, converses with the instructor, and interacts with classmates via a computer with Internet access.

4. Applied Psychology

This is just one branch of study in the field of psychology. If you're an online student studying applied psychology, you are learning theories that can be applied to help patients overcome real-life difficulties. In short, these theories can be used for practical purposes.

5. Course Software

An online student may be asked to purchase course software. So, instead of buying traditional books in a bookstore, an online student studies course information that's provided in the form of computer software.

6. Accredited

You may notice the word accredited used in reference to an online psychology degree program. This means that the school has met the specific criteria of various agencies charged with monitoring the quality of education. An accredited school has established a high standard of instruction for its students. Make sure that you consider online institutions with accreditation.

7. Virtual Classroom

This is a term that refers to the digital setting of online classes. A person taking online psychology courses learns via a virtual classroom, which is the opposite of a traditional classroom.