9 Jobs You Can Get With a Writing Degree

There are many writing-related majors out there like English, creative writing, professional writing, and technical writing.

If you’re thinking about majoring in one of these fields, there will be plenty of people who tell you that there will be no jobs out there for you. However, learning how to write well can prepare you for a number of jobs. These examples are the kinds of jobs you can get at the entry-level, but there are a number of other professions out there that will value strong writing skills.

1. Freelance Writing

Almost every business needs to hire good writers for various tasks. Freelance writing has become more and more popular with the creation of the Internet. If you have skills in technical writing, freelancing may be the way to work across a number of different mediums.

2. Copywriting

Copywriters create ad copy that persuades consumers to buy products. Copywriters have to have technical writing skills, but they also have to understand marketing concepts. Not everyone that knows how to write can be a good copywriter. It’s a skill that takes experience and effort. 

3. Journalism

Journalists write about relevant events and engage consumers based on providing information and entertainment. More and more, the scope of journalism is changing. Journalism used to be presented through print newspapers, but fewer people are choosing to buy them. Because of this, there are fewer traditional journalism jobs available.  

4. Publications

Publication houses evaluate, edit, and publish books. A degree in writing can qualify you for a position as a publication assistant. Publication assistants read and review manuscripts, answer letters to potential clients, and help compile journal articles.

5. Content Writing

Content writers produce content for various websites. This could be blogs for various websites, product information, or SEO content for marketing and advertising companies. Many content writers work as freelancers.

6. Screenwriter

If you’re earning a writing degree with more of a creative focus, then you may want to look into being a screenwriter. Screenwriters create content for mass media. This could include feature films, television programs, or even video games. Many screenwriters work as freelancers when they’re first starting their careers.

7. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters create material for another person who is named as the author. Ghostwriters may write for television shows, stories, reports, or other texts. Usually, the ghostwriters write material for celebrity books.

8. Blogger

Blogs have become more and more popular with the rise of the internet. Some people use blogs to get started in their writing careers. Other more prominent blogs generate revenue through SEO and advertising.

9. Editor

Editors can work in a variety of different fields, but their main roles are selecting and preparing writing materials. Editors must have very strong grammatical skills and a strong sense of what makes writing readable.