A young student takes a DMV practice test online

Best DMV Practice Tests Online

To ensure success, it’s important to take advantage of the resources available to you. This is definitely the case when studying for your driver's exam. Why would you want to go into the testing room blind, when there is an expansive supply of knowledge just a few clicks away? There are hundreds of DMV practice tests online, many of which are free. But how do you know which ones are effective? Let’s look at how some of the most popular ones stack up.

As its name suggests, this is a hub for people who are aiming to get behind the wheel of a car in no time. With absolutely no registration or payment required, is quickly becoming one of the most-used websites for DMV practice tests. Their frequently updated exams are based on the national driver’s manual and offer instant feedback for users. You can also access this resource through the Driving-Tests free smartphone app.

Driver’s Prep

With over 500 questions about the rules and regulations of the road, it’s easier to see why Driver’s Prep boasts that it provides more driver’s exam questions than any other resource. With random questions that change with each attempt, users can can take the tests as many times as their schedules allow, with a low probability of repeat questions. Like Driving-Tests, Driver’s Prep is completely free and doesn’t ask any personal information of visitors to their website.

You would expect the utmost quality from the official company who manufacturers the actual driving test that you will be taking to get your license. While there is a registration fee, the Department of Motor Vehicles website offers questions verbatim as they have appeared on past written exams, so you can be sure that your preparation will be beneficial. Best of all, you get to choose the test that is specific to your state, so your knowledge will be directly applicable to the rules and regulations of your area.

Of the websites on this list, is definitely the most user-friendly. As soon as visitors open the page, they’re asked to select the state where they will be taking their driving exam. From here, they are given the specific requirements of that state and quizzed on the information. The website is free to use and offers many different resources depending on your situation, such as those who are aiming to also earn motorcycle or CDL endorsements on their driver’s license.

US Driving

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of helpful resources, including informational videos, mock flash cards, and copies of each state’s driver’s manual. When taking a practice test, you get to choose how many questions will be asked of you, so you can increase the number of questions as you become more confident in your knowledge of the law. This website has a great blend of test material and general driving statistics, so that users can promote safe and responsible driving habits.

Last Updated: October 02, 2015